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Blissful Sunday January 22, 2012

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 4:38 pm

I’m sitting here on my couch with my family watching the Ravens battle the Patriots.  The fact that all four of us are on the couch is a new thing – and a temporary one.  Last night Jeremy and I rearranged the living room so the couch is directly in front of the TV rather than perpendicular to it.  It’s just for fun, and we certainly can’t keep it this way, but it’s been great not having to strain my neck just to watch the TV.  Jeremy and I even watched a movie together all cuddled up next to each other, which is a rarity due to the layout we’ve had.

I’ve got cookies in the oven, which are delicious!  A new recipe using a devil’s food cake mix and mini MnM’s…   They are so soft and moist.  While I am trying to watch my calories, what’s better on a lazy Sunday than baking?  Umm…  Nothing!

When I do have to get up from the couch to check on the cookies, I get to pass by our “new” bathroom (before and after post to come soon) and smile knowing that we worked so hard (and paid too much money) to have peace of mind but also got a beautiful bathroom out of it.

It’s just one of those blissful Sundays – the end to a blissful weekend.  We had our first snow of the season yesterday, and so this weekend has just been an inside weekend.  We spent 9 hours on the bathroom yesterday and then finished putting the final touches on it today.  All the while, the kids played together and by themselves with barely any fighting.  Talk about a miracle!   Unfortunately it’s the end of the weekend, but knowing I had such a good one gives me the energy for the week ahead.   I’m thankful for weekends like this.