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Purging and Organizing January 8, 2012

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Today was a day to purge and organize.  Isn’t that what Sundays are for?  Maybe not, but after Christmas and Cooper’s birthday, we were overwhelmed with “stuff.”  The kids’ room was filled to the brim; their closet (that’s also an extra little room or secret hideaway spot) was a mess; and toys were overflowing to every room of the house.  It was time.

After us all sleeping in until 7:30 am (say what?) and a pancake breakfast at Woodside Deli, it was time to get busy.  Jeremy and I first went through the house to determine how things would get rearranged once the basement is complete.  That helped us understand what furniture could be moved and where we should focus our time considering the basement completion date is still a couple of months away.  After that, we corralled the kids to help us.

I really wish I had taken a before picture.  And I also wish I had taken an after picture.  (Side note: I realized that I feel like I need pictures in almost every post.  If I don’t have a picture, I don’t post, which means there are considerably fewer posts these days.  I don’t want not having a picture to stop me from writing, though, so you’ll start to notice more posts from me without pictures.  I’ll try to make up for it on the ones that actually have photographic evidence.)

We spent the majority of the day emptying bins, clearing the floor, cleaning off tables, making piles, and secretly throwing a lot of stuff away.  (If the kids don’t notice us throwing it away, they won’t remember it.  We think if we haven’t seen them play with something or reference it in over a month, it’s forgotten about.)  We moved furniture to and from the basement, which allowed us to really organize all their craft materials as well as gave us extra space for all the new toys.  We even have a box full of items they kids don’t want anymore and are willing to donate to other kids.

So in the end, the kids now have a new “closet” that is more open for their crafting/drawing/writing and is much more organized than the piles of unknown junk they had before.  And because we can’t just leave it at that, we switched their beds too.  It was just a change of sheets and swapping duvets, but we also moved the bed closest to the window away from the wall so now the bed can be made more easily, especially by a 6-year-old or a 4-year-old.  (New chore for the 4-year-old – a post on our chore charts will be coming soon…  when I actually have time to figure out a system.)

After all the purging and organizing, we went out for a hike on this beautiful January day.  In the end, it was almost a perfect Sunday.  We were productive and active with a side of some relaxation at the end of it all.  I need to have days like this more often!

P.S.  We’re starting a big purge tomorrow with the start of demo in our bathroom.  See ya leaky bathtub!  More on this when I have the before and after pictures to show what happened.