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Cooper’s Birthday Recap – Finally! January 13, 2012

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Apparently when your house is a mess due to bathroom construction, it’s hard to get anything done other than just wallowing in your mess.  That was the case for me this week.  We’ve been getting our bathroom redone (just tub and tile), and therefore the main floor is full of stuff – stuff from the bathroom, stuff we take with us to Kristin’s to shower every other night, stuff we can’t put away until we thoroughly clean…  Just stuff.  And since I don’t want to clean until everything is fully done, I haven’t wanted to touch a thing each night.  And that included downloading all the pictures from Cooper’s birthday week.   So here we go.

We started off the birthday celebrations a day early with Cooper’s party at school.  Tiger, monkey and zebra cupcakes and paper plate masks.  I got the inspiration for the cupcakes from Betty Crocker.

On the actual day, Cooper woke up to opening presents, spent a full day with Nana, lunch with Kristin, Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, and then a few more presents.  Not a bad way to spend a birthday.

Mason got him a Ken doll so they could play Barbies together. We need to get that Ken some clothes!

Sorry, I had to include a shot of me and my baby - now four! Ack!

He was so excited to get this movie.

Then we had a couple of days sans birthday celebration until we got to the big one – the party!  Family and a few close friends joined us to celebrate.  It was a great way to cap off Cooper’s birthday week.

Hayes was eager to help.

More paper plate masks.

The zoo centerpiece.

The lion cake. I used Paula Deen's Mama's Pound Cake Recipe and the Wilton Buttercream Recipe.

The birthday boy... I think he liked it, which makes Momma happy!

With real animal masks from the San Diego Zoo (thanks Kolegos!)... a tired but happy zookeeper family!