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The Bathroom Reveal January 26, 2012

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Finally!  I’m ready to reveal our new bathroom.  But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

This is what it looked like for 6 years.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture before we started cleaning it out, so you don’t see the glass shelves we had on the wall above the toilet or any of our accessories.

A shot of our shower.  Note that the tile only goes partly up the wall.

Here is where the trouble all begins.  See the rust coming through the paint?  Yeah, that’s thanks to a wonderful leak we have had pretty much since Day 1 (back in 2005).

After a couple of years of trying to figure out why it was leaking, we finally discovered that it was because our tub was not level.  It was about 1/4 inch off level in both directions, which meant that all the water that would sneak behind the tile (thanks to the tub not being installed correctly so when you stepped in it, it would pull the grout away from the wall), and then flow all the way to this corner.  It would drip down the wall and into our basement.  Not good, especially as we try to finish off the basement.

Additionally we had a roof leak issue a couple of years ago that has since been fixed, but we never had time to patch up the wall.

We got two estimates and decided to go with the contractor we had used to paint the exterior of our home.  We were comfortable with them, and they were well aware of our problem and were headstrong to fix it!

So let the demo begin!

It took them almost 5 hours to get the tub in right.  And you can bet that I was checking whether it was level as soon as I got home!  (Oh, we have a brick house, hence the brick exterior wall.)

It’s starting to come together.

The tile guy was meticulous!  They scared us at first when they found out we bought clay tiles because clay tiles are not easy to cut without chipping away some of the glaze.  But this tile guy took his time and cut the tiles perfectly.  It was pretty amazing to see, and we were super happy with the results.

Side note: Cooper loved coming home from school every day to see what they had done that day.

After grouting and caulking everything back up, the bathroom was ours again.  We had been showering at Kristin’s every other night that week.  Luckily we still had use of a toilet and sink, though.

Before we could put everything back together, though, we had to paint.  And who would have thought this tiny bathroom would take 2 people 9 hours to do?  Not me!  All the trim, all the cutting in, all the small spaces…  It was a long day.

Finally, after all our hard work, we had a finished bathroom with no leaks!  But unfortunately we had a door that didn’t close and wood blinds that look too beige.  Luckily my husband is pretty handy and always trusts in our local hardware store to have the right thing for old houses.  Who knew they made hinge shims?  Not me!  Thank goodness for those or else we would have had to take off our bright new chrome hinges and put back on the rusted and painted over white ones.  Ok, it’s time for the reveal.  (Just please ignore the “off-white” blinds on the window.)

Are you ready?

Ta Da!

We went from Benjamin Moore’s Oak Ridge, which was very tan, to their Revere Pewter, which is almost gray.  It’s like a French Gray, and we LOVE it!  It makes the bathroom feel so much lighter (well, the paint and the really bright white tile helps!)  Every time I pass by the bathroom, I take a glance and smile.  We were definitely nervous to take this project on for something that seemed so minor.  And no one wants to redo their bathroom twice in 6 years!  But the peace of mind is worth it, and we are so happy with the finished product.  I love this bathroom so much more than the old one.  I feel like it matches our house better, and it’s a great new feature to show off!