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I’m Back! January 29, 2015

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I’ve debated whether to just jump back into posting like there hasn’t been an almost 4 month gap.  But I feel like there should be some explanation (if anyone is still actually reading!)  Honestly, I lost my mojo for a bit.  I was in a slump and writing was not what was going to pull me out of it.  And then when I did finally re-surface, I needed to focus on LIVING HAPPY and not tracking it on the blog.  So I apologize for the gap in writing, but I have a renewed spirit to get back into this.  I am in a good place and can’t wait to share again.

Let’s get to it!

We had a wonderful end of fall and holiday season.  Jen, Meema, Hayes and Rhys visited in early December.  We made gingerbread houses, went to the Legoland Discovery Center in Boston and just had a rip-roaring time.  I love having all the cousins together.  Even though it can get crazy at times, they are memories we will forever cherish.



We traveled for Christmas, again leaving on Christmas Day.  Since Jeremy didn’t have many vacation days left, he had to fly home himself in the middle of the fun.  So we spent a few days with his family and then the kids and I went to spend a few days with my family.  It’s crazy how fast the time flies, but I can honestly say it was a relaxing and wonderful holiday.  It definitely went a long way towards warming and filling my heart.




The new year started off with a very relaxing long weekend after returning home from the holiday travels.  We celebrated Cooper’s birthday as a family and then took a few of his friends bowling to celebrate the week after.  Hard to believe he is 7 already!



Now we’re just in the midst of a cold winter here in New England – trying our best to stay warm, active and entertained.  Perfect time to blog, right?  Stay tuned!