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Where Does The Time Go? October 24, 2012

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It feels like I haven’t posted in a long time.  In reality, it was just last week.  So does that mean time is going slower than I think or faster?  I don’t even know these days.  I’m feeling a little crazed.  It’s all good, though.  Considering my less than frequent posts, I decided it was high time I let you all know what has been happening around here.

The biggest change is that I actually have a job!  Yes, I real job.  Well, it’s not quite a 9-5 job, and I’m not on anyone’s payroll, but I promise it’s a job.  And it’s exactly almost exactly what I wanted.  Let’s back up a bit.

We moved here to Rhode Island at the beginning of July.  Jeremy and I had decided that I would not look for work until the kids had started school so that I could be with them as we transitioned into this new world.  Of course, I got antsy, interviewed for a job in late-July and actually got offered the position.  They couldn’t really wait for me over the summer, and I wasn’t ready to “settle” for the first thing that came my way, so I didn’t take it.  As the days went by and the start of school was nearing, I dove head first into my search again.  Nothing came of it.  Literally nothing.  I was distressed, impatient, lost all confidence, and totally annoyed.  I seemed to be priced too high for anything that actually sounded interesting but couldn’t quite find the jobs that were at my level either.  I was stuck.  It was time to use my connections.  Through a co-worker of Jeremy’s, I was introduced to a local realtor.  I was interested in talking to him about how real estate worked here in Rhode Island (as in, did realtors use assistants here?) and just make a connection in case he had clients who were hiring or something.  I did not expect him to tell me that he was hiring.  Bonus!  I met with him, then I met with the two other women on his new “team.”  And then they offered me the job as Client Care Coordinator.  I am responsible for all the behind the scenes stuff – tracking documents, taking pictures, scheduling showings, etc.  It is the essence of organization, and it is right up my alley.  Heck, I even have experience in the same role.  Unfortunately the pay is not great, but it has potential.  Jeremy and I talked a lot about it and decided that it was worth the financial hit for me to be happy and excited about my job, work with people I really enjoy, and to have the flexibility to work from home when needed or be there for the kids.  I’ve been at it for a few weeks, and I am already so happy with the decision.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I feel blessed this opportunity came my way.

The new job is one of the reasons why I have been MIA lately.  The other is that I am in classes three days a week to get my Real Estate Salesperson license…  again!  I was licensed in MD/DC/VA back in 2008 when I worked for another realtor, but I let it lapse when I started working full time at another job.  Thankfully that means a lot of the class is review for me.  But it is still 9 hours a week in class and several other hours of reading and studying.  I’m trying to stay on top of things since I have scheduled my exam for November 20th.  It sounded like the best thing for my schedule – start a new job, take classes, prepare for and take the exam all within 7 weeks…  Why not?!  Yes, it’s been hard.  Yes, it’s been busy.  But it really made the most sense for me to get my license done and out of the way so I could be the most help to the team of realtors I work with.  I don’t plan to start selling or helping buyers, but with my license I can legally do a lot more as the Client Care Coordinator, and that was important to me.

So there you have it.  I guess I’ve answered my own question, where does the time go?  It flies by quickly when you’re busy and having fun!


P.S.  There are several other things that have kept me away from blogging, and I promise to post about them soon…  with pictures!