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My Heart Is Full October 5, 2012

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It has been no secret that there have been some rough transitions up here in L’il Rhody.  Most nights after school there are meltdowns (either me or the kids.)  Most mornings there is some fight that starts the day off wrong.  And the weekends…  well, don’t even get me started… again!

The key to all these meltdowns, though, is that they are mostly at home or at least only directed towards Jeremy and I.  We feel blessed in that way.  Our kids seem to do great at school.  It’s just when they come home that they let it all out.  This was confirmed this morning when I dropped off Cooper.  His teacher pulled me aside and told me how amazing he is doing at school.  She told me that he has transitioned so well, and that all his teachers are surprised with how great he is doing despite all his life changes.  Apparently he is opening up a lot more and even approaching the teachers on his own to start talking and tell them things.  That’s a huge step for him.  Back in Maryland, he was a talkative kid, even to grownups he didn’t see often.  We would be leaving his preschool, and he would just start talking to another parent like it was no big deal.  It has been different here.  He is talkative at home, but he’s much quieter otherwise, which is why hearing his teacher tell me he is talking to her a lot just made my heart swell.  Maybe we’re finally getting over the hump.

Mason is also excelling at school.  I don’t mean to be a braggy parent, but I’m just so proud of how she is doing.  And if it can give anyone else hope that there is a light at the end of a tunnel after a major move with small children, then I want to shout it off the rooftops.  At Mason’s Back To School Night, her teacher told me that you would never know Mason didn’t go to kindergarten with the rest of the kids.  Apparently she is fitting right in and making herself comfortable at her new school.  Even her school’s secretary mentioned to me that she is happy to see Mason settle in so nicely.

Seriously, my heart is full when I hear these comments about my kids.  I love them so much, and I was stressed and worried about how this move would affect them.  But they are strong.  They are brave.  They are amazing.  Ok, enough bragging.  Just know my heart is full on this beautiful Friday afternoon.