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7 Years October 15, 2012

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Seven is supposed to be a lucky number, right?  And according to my Baby Center updates, this is the year of the “lovable sevens” and “one of the most rewarding phases of parenthood.”  That’s a lot of pressure on seven.  After the “terrible two’s” and “trying three’s” and whatever they call four, five and six, I am ready for this year.  I’m eager to see how much more rewarding this year can be, though.  I am constantly in awe already, and my heart swells with pride a lot.  I already have been rewarded in parenthood because I have a daughter who loves to learn, loves to teach, loves to dance, loves to walk, loves to be silly, loves to cuddle… and best of all, loves me no matter what.  It can’t get better than that, can it?  So bring it on, seven!  Let’s see what you’ve got.

Happy 7th Birthday, Mason!