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A Social Break January 2, 2014

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It was time.  I needed a social media break.  It’s amazing how addicted a person can become to Facebook.  I was to the point of checking it at least 10 times a day.  If I was in between tasks at work, I’d check it.  If I was waiting for water to boil for dinner, I’d check it.  If I was waiting for my shower to warm up, I’d check it.  My life was taken over by Facebook.  And it’s not like I even posted all that much.  It was just that I was addicted to checking what others had posted.  It got to the point where I felt like only 20% of the time was I actually glad I checked it.  A link to a funny or interesting article; a great video or some good news or photos from a friend.  Otherwise, I was reading people’s posts that I could care less about; that I haven’t really “talked” to in years!  Or I was feeling bad about myself because my life was not as “good” as people were portraying their lives to be.  And then I’d worry about what I was doing wrong or what I was missing out on.

And last week (with the help of a conversation with my sister), I realized that what I was doing wrong was checking Facebook too much.  And what I was missing out on was MY life.  No, it may not be as glamorous as others’, but it’s great for me.  It’s MY life, and I need to appreciate it.  I need to focus on it.  I need to relish in it.

So I deleted the app off my phone and iPad. I deleted the bookmark in Chrome.  It will take a lot of effort for me to actually check Facebook.  It’s been 2 days, and I’m doing ok.  I feel like I’m missing out on something, but I’m sure that feeling will subside soon.  And honestly, I’m still checking Instagram because I only follow family members, a few friends, and bloggers.  So in a way, I’m still connected.  But without Facebook, I am gaining time in my day and time with my family.  I’m able to focus on what’s really important instead of what people on Facebook think is important. I don’t know how long this hiatus will last.  Hopefully I can detox from the addiction of Facebook enough to be able to slowly introduce it back in and only check it every once in a while.  I’ll plan to really clean it up so that I’m only following those that I want to and that have a positive impact on my life.  It’s MY life, and I want to live it actively, not passively.  I want to live it positively, not negatively.  Call it a new year’s resolution or just a change in lifestyle, but I definitely think it is long past due and very much needed for me.

Have you set any resolutions for the New Year?  Mason resolved to eat more chocolate (ha!) and study her math facts more so she can get every problem right on her math quizzes.  Cooper resolved to eat more veggies!  (Seriously love these kids and their ideas!)


What’s A Baker To Do? February 4, 2013

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I love to bake.  I consider it a stress-release.  And on a cold winter weekend, there is nothing more perfect than a warm chocolate chip cookie or brownie.  The unfortunate part is that we’re trying to be more healthy at our house.  Jeremy has pretty much sworn off sweets, and I am majorly cutting back (much to my dismay!)  

I still want to bake, though.  I love trying new recipes, and I love going back to favorites.  Instead of leaving them at the house for us to eat for a week, I have been taking them to work with me or having Jeremy take them to work.  But now I’m getting major flack for it.  Many of my coworkers are voicing their wish that I don’t force them to stray from their diets by bringing in baked goods.  Granted, it is their will power they should be questioning, but I know that if there is a cookie offered, I will take a cookie.  (Just last week, an attorney’s office dropped off a box of bakery cookies.  I had 2, and they weren’t even that amazing.)  So I can’t blame them too much.  

But if I can’t keep my baked goods at home, and I can’t bring them to work, what am I supposed to do?


The Birthday Man February 3, 2013

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I always love telling people about how Jeremy and I met.  It involved a ridiculous party, yummy cookies, several of our friends, and declarations of knowing the other was the one.  Love at first sight?  Pretty close (except for the whole part about meeting one time before and me not acknowledging him.)

Ever since that time, though, Jeremy has been my boyfriend, then husband, father to our children, supporter of all I do, entertainer, and, through it all, my best friend.  We took a leap in the last year and moved away from all our family and friends.  It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. But having him by my side and pulling me through when I wasn’t pulling him through has made it a bit easier. We accepted the challenge and made the best of it through laughter, conversation, exploration, and understanding.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else, and I love my life with him no matter where we are.  

So Happy Birthday, Jeremy!


You are an amazing husband,


a silly dad,


a dedicated family man,


a goofball,


and A-OK in everyone’s books.

We love you!


P.S. Go Ravens!


The Good And The Bad January 21, 2013

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As one more thing has happened to threaten the good of this day, I find myself reflecting on everything.  It’s fitting that just this morning I “pinned” a quote on Pinterest, “Take a deep breath. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.”  That is exactly what I need to do today.

The day started after yet another restless night’s sleep.  We had found a house we wanted to put an offer on this past weekend, and we had been waiting for a call back from the agent.  Unfortunately the call came this morning that the sellers had received another offer and were going to negotiate it rather than take on multiple offers.  It was crazy.  I was disappointed, and the rest of my day went from there.

Now I sit with freezing hands and a chill down my spine realizing that our heat hasn’t been working all afternoon.  It just kept getting colder and colder until I finally checked all the radiators to find them cold and lifeless.  Space heaters to the rescue!  

When I first started this post, I was going to talk about all the bad things that happened today and highlight the couple of good things.  But as I jotted down the good and the bad, the good list was much longer.  So rather than dwelling on the bad for today, let’s focus on the good.

Good #1:  We got to wake up knowing that the Ravens are going to the Superbowl!


Good #2:  I got my workout in this morning thanks to 20 minutes with Jillian Michaels and her Shred!

Good #3: The kids played well together all morning, leaving me alone to deal with my disappointment and sadness over the house.

Good #4:  We had a drama-free trip to the grocery store.  It was heaven!

Good #5:  We enjoyed a yummy homemade lunch while watching Camp Rock 2.  (I always love a good musical!)

Good #6:  I attempted my first yeast bread, and it was a huge success!  So delicious! (find recipe here)


Good #7:  Thanks to another Pinterest find, I created a fun indoor game with the kids.  We called it Sorry Rollers (after Sorry Sliders).  Then Cooper made up a game of throwing a tennis ball through a moving roll of masking tape.  We had a great time together.



All in all, the good definitely outweighed the bad so I’ll call this day a success and go to bed with a smile on my face (albeit a cold smile!)


5 Years and Counting January 13, 2013

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Last week, we celebrated another milestone.  Cooper turned 5!  How did we get to 5 so quickly?  While I know it wasn’t just yesterday that he was a baby, but it seems like this was just yesterday.  And also this!

To ring in the completion of Cooper’s 5th year, we celebrated with a Lego pirate cake.  Of course I baked the cake and spread the blue “water” buttercream.  I even had the idea of using some of Cooper’s leftover school cupcakes to make the sand.  But then Jeremy took over.  A man boy with his Legos – they really are a multi-generational toy and will never go out of style.


We also Skyped with family, opened presents, and gave Cooper a lot of attention.  So much so, that by the end of the weekend he was crying, “I just can’t wait a whole other year for my next birthday!”

He received a lot more Legos, Ninjago stuff, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more from family and friends.  His big presents from us, though, were tickets to a Providence Bruins hockey game and a Lego table.  Both were big hits!

photo 1


He looks so grown up in these pictures.  I am in awe of the boy he is becoming.  He is one of the sweetest kids I know.  He loves so much.  When he is passionate about something, he goes in whole-heartedly – seriously, the kid could spend hours looking at Lego instruction manuals or Ninjago figurine pictures. \  He mostly usually sometimes follows directions.  He does well in school. And best of all, he makes us all laugh.  Ok, so I’m just bragging too much.  I’ll stop.  Except for this one last picture….

IMG_3939We love you, Cooper!  We look forward to what the next 5 years will bring!


2 More Days June 4, 2012

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It’s Monday, and Mondays are hard.  It’s hard to get up out of bed in time to get to work.  It’s hard to get the kids out of bed in time to get them to school.  It’s hard to think about the 5 days ahead of you before the next weekend.  So we all need a little motivation. 

My motivation to get up this morning stemmed from the fact that I only have two more days of work before I’m off for the summer.  I haven’t had a summer off in years!  Only teachers know the real joy of summers off as an adult.  I have always been jealous of teachers for that one simple fact.  While having the summer off means I am unemployed again, we’re saving money by not having to send the kids to camp or daycare.  And I’ll now be home to prepare for the move and take the kids on daily DC adventures with friends and family before we depart at the end of the month.

I started my job just three short weeks ago.  (Oddly enough, it feels like a lifetime ago!)  A week and a half into my new job, Jeremy got the job offer.  We immediately started thinking about how we were going to handle everything.  The first thing that came to my mind is that I should quit my job so we don’t have to force the kids to adjust to the new school and camp they were set to start on June 18th.  Since I wasn’t enamored with my job in the slightest, this was a really easy decision.  I was set to be done this Friday, but they already found my replacement and want to get her started quickly.  Fine by me!

So I hopped out of bed this morning (despite a late return after our 7-hour drive from Providence), eager to get today and tomorrow over with so I can move on with my life.  I am ready to put this chapter behind me and embrace the time with the kids.  Jeremy keeps asking me if I am really going to be able to handle the two of them all summer by myself, and honestly it does scare me.  But I am confident that by making the most of the time we have here and embracing the move together in Providence, we’ll come out much stronger on the other end.  (And I’ll be that much more eager to return to work in the fall! ha!)

Just 2 more days….  In the words of the cast of High School Musical 2 (that the kids watch every time we go on a road trip), “Summer…  Summer…  Summer… Summer…”

I’m linking up with Nain at View From Down Here for her Motivation Monday. 


Parenting Lesson #847 September 19, 2011

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Parenting Lesson #847 – No matter how good of a parent you feel you are, your kids will tell you that you are the meanest mommy and daddy ever.

Before kids…  (heck, even just last year), if I heard a child call their parents mean or have choice words for them, I would wonder what the parent could have ever done to get their kid to speak to them that way.  Shame on me.  Just like every other parenting lesson – you never know until it’s happened to you.

This sweet girl…

…has been unhappy with our parenting skills as of late.  She thinks we’re mean.  She thinks we don’t know what we’re talking about.  She thinks we’re not nice.  And it hurts.

No matter that we’re doing our best (which I always say is enough), we’re still failing in her mind.  I sure hope this is a phase.  I hope she’ll grow out of it.  Even if just for a few years before we reach the pre-teen and teen years.  Because I don’t know how much more I can take of the attitude and the shrugging off and the doubt that comes with raising a very insightful, smart daughter.

I know the sweetness is in there – I just only get to see it in small doses.  I guess I’ll just hang on to those small doses to get me through.  Because we have to always remember Parenting Lesson #1 – You WILL make it through this.