Find Good In Every Day

One mom's attempt at finding good in every day of this chaotic world.

About November 4, 2008

Finding the words to describe who I am seems a little lofty.  Simply put, I am a mother of two adorable children and the wife of one loving and supportive husband.  I enjoy the small pleasures in life – spending time with my family and friends, a walk on a colorful fall day, getting a giggle out of a child, eating cookies…  As an English major in college, you would think reading and writing would be a part of my daily life.  But in reality, I rarely get a chance to write down my thoughts or even analyze my thoughts.  And my reading consists of chic lit on my Kindle, HGTV Magazine and Real Simple.  I hope that this blog can serve as my outlet for writing as well as an outlet for helping me appreciate all the wonderful “small pleasures” I get every day.


One Response to “About”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hello fellow Manic Mommy blogger!

    My name is Melissa and I found your blog through the threat “mommy bloggers” on Manic Mommies. I just wanted to say “hello” and I like cake wrecks too! Anyway, I appreciate your happy blog. It’s so nice to read about a mommy! Take care,


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