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One Year Older October 14, 2014

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This girl turns 9 today.  Nine!? I can’t believe it.  But I won’t even go there – I’ll save all the sappy stuff for next year when we reach double digits.  For now, I’ll just focus on how awesome she is and how much we love her.

Jeremy said it best in a poem that he wrote last week as part of her “Star Of The Week” assignments. I think it is so true to who Mason is and how much she has matured over the past 9 years.

Her name is Mason, that much we all know,

But what makes her special, she’s just starting to show.

She’s thoughtful and kind, and quite smart to boot,

But did you know at soccer, she really can shoot?

She once was quite shy, but has recently shown,

That her confidence and bravery have considerably grown.

She used to be nervous about trying new things,

She’s now taken up guitar and is strumming new strings.

No more faithful a friend can you hope to find,

She’ll always be there to help out in a bind.

The foods that she likes are a limited list,

Unless it’s a treat, then none can be missed.

Her vast collection of Barbies are her favorite toys,

And cranking Katy Perry is her favorite noise.

She hopes one day to be a Teacher or Doctor, we’ll see,

Either way, the best one she’ll most certainly be.

So here’s to our Mason, a most charming young miss,

We love you, Mom and Dad, big hug and big kiss.


Happy Birthday, Mason!  You rock!