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So This Is What It’s Like… September 27, 2014

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We have managed to put off lots of extracurricular activities for the kids over the years.  If they did take a tennis or swimming lesson or go to a soccer clinic, we would either get them in the same class or schedule them to be one right after the other.  The over under would be one afternoon or a weekend morning a week.  Easy to handle, right?  We would hear other parents talking about just being chauffeurs for their kids, taking them from activity to activity.  Not only did we not want to overload our kids, but we didn’t want to overload ourselves.

But now we get it.  Do we ever get it!  What’s sad is that Cooper is only doing one activity – soccer, and Mason is doing two – soccer and guitar.  (Oh! And did I mention I’m coaching Mason’s team?!  Ack!) But between those three activities, we have something every night of the workweek except for Friday.  I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Ok, that sounds totally normal.”  But for us, this is a lot.  Coming from almost nothing (especially over the last couple of years) to now something 4 nights a week…  Whew!

Guitar is right after school two afternoons a week.  And then soccer practices are from 6-pm two nights a week.  That’s prime dinner cooking time for me!  That’s prime slow down time for the kids.  But now – not so much.  So I’ve been struggling to still manage healthy family dinners (rather than feeding the kids before soccer), getting homework done in a reasonable time, keeping the house in order and getting the kids to bed before 9pm.  Once 9pm hits now, Jeremy and I plop on the couch, turn on the TV and basically zone out.   I especially have no energy left for conversation, laundry, house cleaning, or even dirty dishes!  (And those that know me know that I hate leaving dishes in the sink!)

So is this what it will be like until they go to college?  I’m guessing this is just the beginning, and that this is tame compared to what it will be in a few years.  Therefore I’ll enjoy this time while I can – just like I enjoyed the quiet of pre-extracurricular activities.  And if you don’t hear from me again for a little while – you’ll understand.





2 Responses to “So This Is What It’s Like…”

  1. Betsy Donohoe Says:

    I’m thinking of you and wish I could be there to help with transportation and support–at home and on the field. Enjoy the time together on the field, in the car…as much as you can….it all goes by so quickly when you look back at it. You wonder how you ever got through these years, but then you realize you wouldn’t have had it any other way because someday your kids will look back with good memories of what they accomplished and the time they had with you on the field, in the car…wherever, whenever you were there with them. Love mom

    • Yes, mom – trying to enjoy every moment. As I recall, it was those moments commuting with dad or you in the car to my Sterling soccer practices that hold lots of memories… singing to oldies, chatting about school, etc. Great times that seem too long ago. Love you!

      On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 7:37 PM, Find Good In Every Day wrote:


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