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Moving On and Moving Up July 8, 2014

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The end of the school year always brings special shows, ceremonies, parties and emotions.  For the kids, they are happy to start summer vacation and end nights of homework.  For the parents, we are sad to accept that yet another year has gone by and that our kids are actually getting older.  We talk to other parents while sitting in the muggy auditorium asking, “Where does the time go?”

For Cooper, it was his time to “move on.”  His year of kindergarten ended with an Alien Parade and an Ocean Show.  The Alien Parade was his chance to show off his hand-made alien named Gooey and cap off the Solar System curriculum.




And then finally during the last week of school, Cooper officially graduated kindergarten at his Ocean Show.  They sang some very cute songs about ocean life and got the blessing from their teachers to move on to 1st grade.  And I said, “Where does the time go?”


For Mason, it was her time to “move up.”  While it may seem weird to have a 2nd grade graduation, it is the norm here in our town because they split the elementary schools up into a K-2 school and a 3-5 school.  So at the end of 2nd grade, the students move up to the next school, and the PTO and teachers helped to make a big deal out of it.  Hence the Moving Up Ceremony – complete with slideshow, yearbook distribution, walking the stage for a certificate and even a special t-shirt.




All smiles and laughter for these two amazing kids and their accomplishments.  Like “they” always say…  Time flies!  I now have a 1st grade and a 3rd grader.  They’ll be at two different schools this year and next, and I know that time will fly by as well.  Before you know it, Cooper will be having his Moving Up Ceremony and Mason will be heading off to middle school.  Ok, I can’t get ahead of myself.  That’s just way too crazy to even think about right now.  Instead I’ll just enjoy the here and now and some summer fun!