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The End Is Near March 11, 2014

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Let’s hope the end of winter is near.  I’m not sure I can take much longer.  I loved this NPR article about the stages of winter.   We used to be so excited to see snow.  Especially in New England where we embrace the winter (or are at least trained to since it lasts so long!)  We started with eagerness and excitement when we saw the first flakes.





We were happy to go outside and play in the snow at first.  The kids begged to go sledding.  It wasn’t TOO cold to enjoy a little time out in the winter air.  All in all, it was actually fun.  The first snow days off from school are even exciting and welcomed parts of winter.  We watched movies, baked cookies (lots of cookies) and thought of it as quality family time.





After the first pleasant snows, it started to get really cold and nasty.  Playing outside was not even an option.  We were stuck inside with each other, and the fun of it had worn off.  The kids were going crazy on their snow days and dreaming of warmer weather.  I was going crazy too being at home so much.



It was a hibernating winter.  People stick to themselves, stay inside and don’t socialize much.  It’s a hard time, especially when you’re not even at work much.  Work is often a release for me because I’m in a different environment, talking to different people and breathing different air.  But when I couldn’t travel much due to snow days or bad weather, I didn’t get that release as much.  It made for long days, longer months.  I finally forced the kids and I to get out one day even though it was almost dark.  We needed to appreciate the snow again instead of hating it.  It was soft powder underneath all the ice!





Thankfully we had a break this past weekend.  50’s on Saturday.  So of course we had to get outside.  It’s odd riding bikes with snow around.  Or hitting the baseball around with down jackets on.  The kids even enjoyed some tennis in the driveway.  Much needed relief!





The forecast is showing 4-8 inches of snow expected for Thursday.  We’re going from the upper 50’s today to the 30’s on Thursday.  For some reason, I don’t mind it so much.   There is hope.  Lily of the Valley is blooming in my yard.  The big snow piles in parking lots are melting away slowly but surely.  Spring is a rebirth, and I know that as people, we’ll be having a rebirth ourselves – coming out of hibernation, showing more skin, socializing with neighbors.  We’ll be ready.  Spring may seem far away when snow is in the forecast, but no matter what, we’ll be ready.  The end of winter is near.  I can feel it.