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The Highs and Lows of Homework February 25, 2014

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“I hate homework!” I hear that sentiment almost every day.  Sometimes it is from Cooper, sometimes Mason.  Really, it should be me saying it every single day.  Because really?  I do hate homework.

It causes such stress in our house – for all three of us.  (Jeremy luckily gets out of the homework hell every day since he is still at work.)   Here is why I hate homework:

1) Cooper usually thinks he doesn’t have homework.  (Not sure why he still thinks that after 6 months in kindergarten, though.)  So when I tell him it is time for homework, he throws a tantrum.

2) Mason’s homework consists of a half sheet of paper with math problems on them that she could do in her sleep; spelling words that require little to no assistance; and then 10 minutes of reading.  This is basically what she was doing in kindergarten in Maryland, so forgive me for being unimpressed.

3) Part of Cooper’s homework has been to cut out pictures of objects that start with the letters of the week.  The only magazines I get are adult women magazines.  G is for Garnier.  P is for Pantene.  S is for Sleep Number.  It’s just not working for my 6-year-old son.

4) When the kids have playdates right after school (which is often since their best friends ride the bus and they concoct elaborate plans to persuade  the parents to let them play together), we’re doing homework at the witching hour making the experience 10 times worse!

I could probably go on… (and feel free to share how much you hate homework below),  but I’ll stop for now and try to find the positive.   I love seeing Mason get excited about math.  She LOVES it and loves challenging herself.  I feel so proud when Cooper reads me a book full of sight words.  It’s exciting to see Mason get engrossed in the book she’s reading.  And I especially love when Cooper asks Mason for help (even though she is quick to give it without being asked!)

Most of the time our homework hour is pretty rough.  And how will it be in a few years when that homework HOUR becomes HOURS?  I cringe at the thought of it.  If anyone has any tips, I will certainly take them!

For now, we’ll ride on the homework roller coaster of highs and lows and just hope that tomorrow is better.