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Thank Goodness for Neighbors! December 19, 2013

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One of the things we hoped for when we moved to Rhode Island was community.  After 8 years in Silver Spring, we were JUST starting to feel the community through Mason’s school but still felt removed from it all.  But now, after only 6 months in our new home in East Greenwich, we can really start to feel the community we’ve moved into.

On the first day of school, we met a family who has a son in Cooper’s class.  They have become instant best friends.  They do everything together, including playdates every Monday like I mentioned in my last post.  Even better is that his older sister and Mason have also become friends.  While the sister is in 3rd grade, she has a July birthday, so actually not much older than Mason.  They get along great, and it allows us to do family nights together and even the upcoming double sleepover with both kids!  I’ve had to get used to the last minute playdates, but these neighbors make it so easy.

Tuesday was a prime example.  Snow was in the forecast, but I didn’t think anything of it as I went off to work.  Mid-morning I got a text from the neighbor mom that school was letting out early and there was no PM Kindergarten.  She offered to pick Cooper up with her son if I would just call the front office to give permission.  Unfortunately when I called the office, I was told that I couldn’t make any changes to my approved pick-up list over the phone.  So I rushed out to  my car and made it to the school 5 minutes late.  But when I got there, Cooper had already been dismissed with them. (Apparently the teacher and front office don’t communicate.)  These friends knew I had a busy schedule that day so they offered to take the boys to Wendy’s for lunch and then back to their house to play.  I was so grateful.  It allowed me to continue with the appointments I had already scheduled.  I then got a text from the same mom/neighbor telling me not to rush and they would pick up Mason from the bus stop when she was released.  Another reason to be grateful!

These last minute scheduling nightmares would be awful if we were trying to work it around Jeremy and I’s work schedules.  But with neighbors who have our backs (and us having their backs!), it makes everything easier.  It really is a community, and thank goodness for that!

Now wish us luck as we have both neighbor kids over for a sleepover tomorrow!


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