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Too Good to Last October 24, 2013

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I knew it was too good to last.  I knew the whining and tantrums would start back up soon enough.  I knew my patience would eventually be depleted.  I just wish it hadn’t happened as soon as it did.

I had two glorious afternoons/evenings this week with just me and the kids.  Monday and Tuesday were great.  I picked the kids up from the bus stop.  We enjoyed a snack together.  We got through homework without any major meltdowns.  We played together.  Then they played together while I cooked a nutritious meal.  We enjoyed a family dinner  and watched our favorite TV shows in peace.  Bedtime even went smoothly.  On the first day I thought to myself, “Wow, I’ve finally got this down.  I can actually do this!”  Then it all happened again.  30% of my brain thought, “I’m doing great.  They’re doing great.  Have we reached a new stage?  A good stage?”  But 70% of my brain thought, “This can’t happen every night.  This is too good to be true.  When will the other shoe drop?”   And sure enough, by Wednesday, the whining started back up.  The fighting reared its ugly head again.

Maybe that was my problem.  Maybe my negativity is what brought us down.  There is a sign in my office that says, “Be positive, personable and try to start a dialogue!”  Its goal is to help us in the real estate business to get new clients and keep our current ones happy.  But I can’t help but think that I need the same sign hanging up at home.   I need to be more positive. (“We CAN do this.  We WILL have peaceful and fun afternoons.  The other shoe doesn’t have to drop – or at least not so hard.”)  I need to be more personable.  (Yesterday was the first day I had to do work while they did homework.  I was stressed trying to get what I needed to get done on a phone call while they screamed and went crazy in the background.  My patience waned.  I held a grudge.)  I need to try to start a dialogue.  (Without yelling!  More calm discussion and LISTENING!)

So that’s it.  Maybe it’s not too good to last.  There will be good days.  There will be bad days.  But I can’t let the bad days pull me down.  Let’s see how long this new resolve of mine lasts, especially with some single parenting nights and weekends coming up.  Please stay positive with me!


One Response to “Too Good to Last”

  1. What is it with our mental mindsets? I remember those days so very well. The good days, the bad days, the good years, the more challenging ones…finally just accepted that for everything there is a season and that the temporary lows make us appreciate the occasional highs so much more…hang in there and remember to smile, knowing tomorrow is yet another day! love mom

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