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Favorites – Just For Fun August 29, 2013

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An added bonus today!

The below pictures are becoming a tradition each year (along with the printed out grade signs).  So just for fun, here are the ones from last year along with this year’s so you can see the differences.














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Relief.  That is the pure emotion I felt yesterday when walking back home from the bus stop in our new neighborhood.  It was the first day of school for Mason, and I think the whole family was nervous – nervous to truly start the new beginning.  Even though we moved to Rhode Island a year ago, we didn’t really immerse ourselves in the community in which we were renting.  We knew that once we bought a house, we would get settled and really START!  New house, new neighborhood, new local haunts, new school, new friends, new traditions.  It’s been a long summer, though, of travel and fixing up the house.  We’ve been eager to meet our neighbors, but were very nervous since the only ones that we had seen were the older people who have lived here forever.

But all that changed as we came across the horizon on our walk down to the bus stop.  We saw tons of kids!  And lots more parents!  Behold – neighbors! They DO exist!  As we walked up, everyone looked over at us and… (cue nerves!)  immediately smiled and raced over to introduce themselves.  So many friendly people.  And the best part?  Two second-graders – one of which is a girl in Mason’s class!  And a boy kindergartener that is in Cooper’s class (and his morning peer mentor group!)  It really could not have gone better.

Mason went to school very nervous but came home a confident, happy girl.  Apparently her teacher is great – good reputation and all!  And she seems to already be BFF’s with the neighbor.  (We’re already discussing playdates after school!)  Cooper had orientation yesterday, and we got to meet his teachers and see the classrooms for his peer mentor group and his Kindergarten.  His teacher is a legend, and she seems on top of getting learning in while having fun in just 2.5 short hours.  Can’t wait to see how my little guy grows this year!  His description of his first day today when he got off the bus?  “Best day ever in the universe!”  I’ll take that as a good sign.

Here are my kiddos on their first days of school.