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Finding Good Today August 8, 2013

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post true to my blog title.  This week seemed like the perfect time because I’ve been struggling with my calmness and patience.  The kids were at Meema’s Mimi’s (her new moniker) last week, so we’ve been trying to get back into our camp routine since Monday.  It hasn’t gone well.  It’s funny that no matter how much I miss them when they’re gone and how awesome it is to not have to worry about staying on their schedule for an entire week, when they come back there is a day of lovey dovey times and then it all gets back to normal.  Kids not wanting to go to camp; kids complaining of snack options; kids not wanting to go to bed on time; kids fighting; mom yelling…

This week has been especially hard because Cooper has not wanted to go to camp.  He has cried two mornings, and it’s always a fight to get him out the door and into the car.  But finally this morning, we all kept our cool.  I gave them time warnings – 10 minutes until we leave, 5 minutes until we leave, 2 minute warning.  It definitely helped Cooper understand how much time he had left to play rather than just telling him it’s time to go, which usually results in a meltdown.  We all got in the car without screaming and off to camp we went – no tears!!!  It was my personal victory today – one that I desperately needed.  And even though it is a humid cloudy day after multiple days of gorgeous 75-degree weather, I’m feeling better mentally than I have all week!

P.S.  It also helps that I finally finished removing all the wallpaper in the guest room last night and will be painting this weekend!  Before and After coming next week – just in time for the first overnight guest (Mimi!) to use it.