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Full of Surprises August 2, 2013

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Last weekend was the reveal of one of the biggest surprises we have ever done for the kids.  They were totally in the dark about our plan to take them to Hershey Park.  In their minds we were meeting Meema at a Panera in Pennsylvania to do the transfer so they could spend a week at “Camp Meema.”  Little did they know they were in for such a treat!

We started our drive Friday night and stayed at a hotel in Allentown, which got us within an hour’s drive of Hershey.  For the kids, a stay at a hotel is exciting enough.  They love hotels!  From the elevators to the continental breakfasts of waffles and cereal boxes to the chance to sleep with Mommy or Daddy (double beds just aren’t big enough for Jeremy and I to share, so we each sleep with one kid.)  Saturday morning, we headed out pretty early to get to Panera to meet my mom.  We even took a very back road to get there to avoid any Hershey signs.  After breakfast at Panera, we still had some time to waste before the park opened, so we moseyed through the grocery store to “find snacks for their trip.”  Finally we couldn’t hold off any longer.  We suggested that we had some time to kill and would they like to go to a park before getting back in the car.  The promise of a playground is always a “YES!”

Into the car we squeezed with Meema.  Jeremy noted that he thought there was a pretty big park around the corner.  As we drove, the Hershey signs were everywhere.  I asked Mason what one of them said, and she read it out…  “Hershey Park.”  We played it cool.  “Oh who knew?  Do you guys just want to go to Hershey Park?”  The look in their eyes was priceless.  “Yes!  Yes!!” they screamed.  Surprise 1 complete.

After parking, riding the tram and measuring their ride levels…

Cooper Hershey

Mason Hershey

…. it was time for Surprise 2.  As we were getting a family photo by the Hershey sign, up walk Nana and Papa.  The kids were speechless!  It was so awesome.  Cooper told me it was going to be the best day ever!  Mason was so grateful!  I loved giving them this surprise day.

Family Hershey

We had Surprise 3 as well, but it was leaked out pretty quickly – Kristin was coming too!  Cooper thanked me several times for the surprise day at Hershey.  And Mason was over the moon.  What a day!  Here are some more pictures of the fun at one of our favorite amusement parks…

Mason Meema Hershey ride

photo 4

Mason Mommy Hershey car

photo 3 (1)

Mason with Hershey Bar

Mason Hershey Syrup

All in all, a fantastic day!!!  While it was not a commercial-worthy surprise like those Disney ads, it sure made Mason and Cooper’s day.  And therefore it made our day too.  I’m thinking one big surprise a summer like this – time to start thinking up what we’ll pull off next year!