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Another Year Down June 24, 2013

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It’s June 24th, and it is FINALLY the last day of school!  It is one week later than originally expected, but it seems like a month later than everyone else I know with kids in school.  We really didn’t think that there were that many “snow days.”  But thinking about it, Mason reminded us of all the Hurricane Sandy days, so I guess that’s what pushed us over the edge to have to add-on days.  And now there are only 8 weeks left of summer.  Doesn’t that seem like nothing?

No matter how late it seems or how little summer is left, Mason is now a rising 2nd grader.  Hard to believe.  And even harder to believe is that Cooper is a rising kindergartener.  Hubba-whaaa?!

Let’s take a look at how much they’ve changed over the school year.

Mason on her first day of 1st grade.

Mason on her first day of 1st grade.

Mason on her last day of first grade.

Mason on her last day of 1st grade.

Cooper on his first day of Pre-K.

Cooper on his first day of Pre-K.

Cooper on Mother's Day (sorry, don't have an official last day photo yet)

Cooper on Mother’s Day (sorry, don’t have an official last day photo yet)


It’s been a crazy year full of settling into Rhode Island, missing friends and family down south, exploring new places, meeting new people, looking for a new house and then settling into a new house.  Wow!  We’ve squeezed a lot in.  But of it all, I am most proud of Mason and Cooper.  They have handled this transition so much better than I expected.  They embraced the change (for the most part) and made the best of it.  I am thankful for their teachers who were very important in their successful transition.  Mason was dreading the last day today because she loves her teacher so much and has made some great friends.  I think she hugged her teacher about 4 times after the bell rang!  She cried on the way home, and it broke my heart.  Here we are forcing yet another new school and another transition.  But if anyone can do it, I know she can.  Cooper has the benefit of starting kindergarten where everyone is “new.”  He has such a kind heart and is so eager to please that I have no doubt he will do this next transition just as well.  And I’ll be the one crying next week when we have to say goodbye to his preschool teachers!

But I am eager to meet new people, new families…  Ones that we will be with us through middle school and high school…  Ones that will help create our sense of community that we’ve been yearning for all these years.  So it’s one year down, and so many more to look forward to!





It’s The Little Things

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I was ready for a new backsplash.  But sadly, Jeremy was not.  Granted he was pretty busy last week and had little time to watch You Tube videos and do the research to prepare for working with tile for the first time.  So I’ll cut him some slack.

Instead we focused on the little things.  They might not have seemed to be that big of a deal, but when you can cross several little things off your very long list, it makes a big impact.

Here is what we accomplished…

1.  Mudroom build out: On our most recent trip to IKEA, we saw the MOLGER bench on sale and thought it would be perfect as a shoe rack and bench for the “mud wall.”  (Since it’s not a real room, I feel I should keep it real with this term.)  I built the first bench and then measured about three times to make sure two were actually going to fit in the space.  Luckily it was a perfect fit!  We bought the matching shelf to hold sunscreen, bug spray, hats, etc.  And then we felt the awesome anchor wood art that my sister gave us last year would be the perfect “welcome” art to come home to every day.  It all worked together perfectly.  I’d eventually love to paint that wall a fun color, but for now, it is great just the way it is.




2.  Shelf Liner: Some of the kitchen cabinets had shelves with stains and crud.  My mom had graciously cleaned out the crud, but there were still a lot of stains.  I wanted shelf paper, but not the sticky contact paper.  But I thought that anything else was the kind that was grippy that plates wouldn’t slide on.  Thanks to The Container Store, though, I found what I needed.   All I needed was 10 minutes, and the task was done!  (No pictures on this small task, though.  Sorry!)

3.  Powder Room Floor: Jeremy had started the kids’ bathroom floor when we had the plumber over to work on their vanity and sink.  But all the edges and the linen closet still needed to be finished.  Mark another one off the list!  I’ll go into more detail in the powder room post with before and after pictures.

4.  Hang Pictures: It’s amazing how hanging pictures totally transform a house into a home.  We had been thinking about putting off hanging pictures until each room was finished (wallpaper removed, primed and painted).  But the realization that that was going to take a lot longer than we had originally hoped meant it was time to pull out the hammer and nails.  Everything isn’t in its final place, but it’s a good start and works for now.




Again, these were all small items, but to be able to take a day to get them done was just what we needed to get one step closer to putting our stamp on this house.  It’s the little things, right?