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Be There Or Be Square June 5, 2013

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Do you remember four square?  No, not the checking in app…  I’m talking about the game four square.  Old school four square.  It was one of my favorite games as a kid.  I remember getting really serious about it, and we’d make up all sorts of variations like calling out candy or boys names or colors.  Being the “Queen” was the pinnacle.  Oh to get to that A square!  And then when I was in college as a counselor at a summer camp, four square was so popular and important that we had to ban it during certain times of the day.  Oh, it’s such a fun game!

Mason has started playing four square at school, so she’s asked me to chalk out more than one four square court in our driveway.  Cooper’s gotten into it too, so it’s become a favorite afternoon activity.

Unfortunately I’ve been super busy lately with work, so once we get back from our commute home from school (still in our old town), I’ve had to retire to the computer while they play outside or play on the iPad.  It’s created a lot of stress on my end.  I hate working constantly.  I hate feeling tied to my cell phone every single hour of the day.  I hate having to “ignore” my children when playing with them can be so much fun.

Today I put my foot down.  I decided to take time to focus on my kids and play a little four square.  Did emails go unanswered?  Yes, but sometimes that’s ok.  Did phone calls go to voicemail?  Yes, but who cares?  Did the world end?  No!  I had an hour of uninterrupted time with my kids, and it was glorious.  So tomorrow, when I’m overloaded with work again and the kids are asking for some attention, where will I be?  I’ll be playing four square with my two favorite offspring!