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Favorites June 3, 2013

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Since the kids’ rooms are the only completely done rooms, I don’t have any other before and after photos for you.  But I thought I would share some of my new favorite things while we continue working on the kids’ bathroom and the kitchen.

First off is our new dining room light.  It’s a drum pendant, and we found it on Amazon (they have everything!)  I love the subtle flowers, and I love how big it is.  We decided to use LED light bulbs, and I love the white light that they emit.  Every time I come up from the basement (which leads right into the dining room), I get to look at this light.  And I smile every single time.  It makes me happy!

This is the best picture I could get to show off the flower detail.

This is the best picture I could get to show off the flower detail.

Next up is our new bedroom rug.  I subscribe to Zulily and Joss & Main.  They often have rugs for sale, and while I can easily find rugs I like, I get scared of ordering rugs online.  You don’t get to feel them or see the real material, and those are key to a good rug.  But when I saw this rug on Zulily, I had to have it.  I love the blue color and knew we could base a new bedroom design out of it.

It's a great size and is so comfy on our feet.

It’s a great size and is so comfy on our feet.

Have you seen the Martha Stewart Collection at Staples?  I am a big fan and try to find any organizing or labeling excuse to buy something from the collection.  Since our rental had a great white board “station,” I got used to posting our meal plan, writing to do lists and keeping notes for many other things right in a central location.  Our new kitchen had a big blank wall, and I felt it was the perfect spot for the Wall Manager system.   I also bought a dry erase decal for meal planning that sticks right on the side of the fridge.  I love how it all turned out.

You can pick and choose each piece to make it work for you - such a great idea!

You can pick and choose each piece to make it work for you – such a great idea!

Finally, my absolute favorite part of our new house…  The refrigerator!!!  I have never had a side-by-side fridge, and I have never had water/ice in the door.  These were true luxuries to me so when we decided to get a new fridge for the kitchen, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go.  We looked at many refrigerators.  I know people love the french door system with the freezer on the bottom, but those were out of our price range.  And honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the freezer drawer.  I feel like so much could get lost in there, and it would be hard to organize.  The side-by-side was all I could focus on.  It was installed right before we moved in, but we didn’t get the water line hooked up until this past weekend.  I’ve been able to get water on demand (without worrying about a close-to-empty Brita pitcher or having to wait for it to filter through) for a couple of days now, and I can easily say it is the best thing EVER!!!



**Let me share a story: The morning they were set to deliver our refrigerator, Lowes called to say they had found a dent in the door.  I was desperate for that refrigerator so we decided to have them install it and then order a new door that they would replace at a later date.  When they delivered it, though, Jeremy was at the house and couldn’t find the dent.  It took the delivery guys pointing it out and then getting at the right angle to actually see it.  I was all up in arms about it and had said that I had spent enough money on this dream refrigerator that it had to be perfect.  Jeremy dared me to find the dent.  I couldn’t do it.  Again, he had to point it out to me.  You would have had to be at the perfect angle, standing in the garage, with the light coming in at a certain time of day to actually see the dent.  So instead of dealing with a lot of waste of materials and time, we asked Lowe’s for a discount instead of a new door.  All was well with the world…  Until the day we moved in…  I was coming in from the garage with two big bins.  I didn’t take the corner well and slammed right into the refrigerator.  Now we have a dent that is very noticeable no matter what angle, where you stand or what the light is.  All thanks to me.  I cried.  I was mad.  I couldn’t get over it for a few days.  And before you suggest hanging something over it, know that it is right in the middle and would look even more awkward to have a school menu in that spot than the dent.  The joys of homeownership rear their ugly head right off the bat.  But the real joys outweigh the bad ones, and I can’t wait to share more pictures and stories of how we’ve made this house our home.  Stay tuned…


4 Responses to “Favorites”

  1. Alaina Says:

    Ooh, beautiful! I love the whiteboard station! Your fridge looks like mine actually so whoo for that 🙂

  2. I remember the new fridge moment well…witnessed your despair. Actually I thought well now all is okay…you’ve put your mark on your new home, just like when you get that first dent or mark on a new car. You’ve marked it! Nothing can stay perfect forever…cars, fridges, even relationships. You just work with and through the imperfections. I, too, love the new dining room light…says so much about you and J…your home is truly becoming a home and I’m so happy for you! love, mom

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