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We’re In! May 27, 2013

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The day came and went.  We are officially moved into our new house home.  And we’re exhausted!!

After several weeks of fixing it up and preparing for the move, we were ready to just get in.  I can’t say the house was ready, though.  We scrambled at the last minute to get a new kitchen floor down, the kids’ rooms done, extra stuff to the dump and floors cleaned up.  Move day came, and of course, it rained.  We’re used to that at this point.  Thankfully our movers were AMAZING!!!  Seriously, we didn’t have any concerns with them, and they made the whole process so much easier.  By noon on Saturday, we were left with a house full of boxes.  Our only goal for the day was to have Mason and Cooper’s rooms fixed up and ready for the big reveal HGTV-style!  Jeremy and I worked for the next three to four hours to accomplish just that.  After many “Are they ready yet?” questions, we could finally show them their new rooms.

Mason's room first...

Mason’s room first…

The desk alcove...

The desk alcove…

A very happy girl.

A very happy girl.

Cooper's room was next...

Cooper’s room was next…

He has an amazing view of the tree tops...

He has an amazing view of the tree tops…

Cooper was in pure heaven!

Cooper was in pure heaven!

Since Saturday, we have organized the kitchen, removed the powder room floor, tackled our closets, installed new lights, and tried to have some fun.  We’re so thankful to have had Meema here too!  We couldn’t have done it without her.

Thanks, Meema!

Thanks, Meema!

No rest for the weary this week either.  We have countertops being installed on Thursday and then a plumber to hook everything up on Saturday.  That means we have to have the powder room ready for a new vanity by then, which means some late evenings coming up after heading back to work tomorrow.  It should be an interesting week, and I can’t wait to share more “after” photos with you.  For now, though, I’m going to sit on the couch with my hubby and watch some TV (relishing in getting cable back!)


6 Responses to “We’re In!”

  1. Alaina Says:

    Congratulations! Love Mason’s room! And Cooper’s too! Super super cute 🙂

  2. Alissa Says:

    Bless you guys for all that wallpaper removal – you are made of heartier stuff than I for sure. The kids’ rooms look awesome. Love the pops of color in the desk alcoves! Hope you are enjoying your new home; I’m excited to see the “Lake Effect” applied throughout!

  3. Even the movers complimented you two on how “organized” you were. They had a good time, too, as did we all. It was wonderful to be part of your move into your second home where new roots can be nurtured and new experiences and friendships enjoyed! Love you all, meema

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