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Moving Along May 2, 2013

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Slowly but surely, we are making our new house ours by adding our own touches.  So far those touches only include Christmas decoration boxes in the basement, a lot of games to keep the kids busy and lots of wallpaper removal spray.  We have officially de-papered the kids’ rooms and their bathroom.  This weekend we hope to finish cleaning the remaining patches of glue from the walls and get primer up.  If all goes well (which it rarely does when doing home improvements on a budget and schedule), we’ll have the bedrooms completely painted and ready for decor by next weekend.

Jeremy is really loving this process!  Ha!

Jeremy is really loving this process! Ha!

Seriously, will it ever end?

Seriously, will it ever end?

Once we have paint on the walls, I think we’ll really see the progress.  We need something to keep us going considering we will have to do this to 6 more rooms!  But really, the time we have spent at our new house has just reminded us how fortunate we are that we got it and how excited we are to finally move in!  It will probably be several years before it is to a point where we can rest for a bit, but we are thrilled to start the process again of making it our home.

Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Moving Along”

  1. I can hardly wait to see the “progress” upstairs and in the Kitchen! I know it will be warm, welcoming, comfy, and “stylin.” love you all, mom

  2. Love to see the progress! That house has some serious charm and will be such an amazing place for all of you once it is finished. You guys are by far the best design/decorators on the planet!

    • Gee, thanks! I’m a bit worried about some of the colors we picked, but I’m sure once furniture is in the rooms, it will feel better. 🙂 It’s a big change going from craftsman/cottage to 60’s vintage, but we’re doing our best.

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