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Countdown to Homeownership April 6, 2013

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I feel it’s time to share the big news…  well at least one piece of big news.  I thought maybe I’d do this on April Fool’s Day and trick you into believing something outlandish like we were getting a puppy or moving to Kansas or buying a boat.  But we’ve been waiting for all the contingencies to clear before we said anything in fear of jinxing the whole process.  You can probably tell from the title, but….  We’re buying a house!!!

I chronicled our house hunt in a recent blog and expressed my concern that there was not enough inventory for all the buyers out there.  So when a new property came on the market that actually looked decent, I quickly jumped on the phone to set up an appointment.  Turns out that house had mold and had been vacant for 3 years so it would need a total gut rehab.  While appealing, it wasn’t going to be the right fit for us.  BUT…  the agent mentioned another house he was putting on the market as well.  Without seeing a picture and only knowing the stats, I set up an appointment for the next day.  I went to see it on a Friday afternoon.  I brought Jeremy and the kids back Saturday afternoon.  We all fell in love with it – kids included.  We put an offer in Saturday night and found out Sunday evening that the house was ours.  We were in a state of shock, excitement, and anxiousness.  Now everything else had to fall into place.

And it finally has…  So let me tell you about it.  (I’m not going to post pictures yet since the only ones available are the listing agent’s, but trust me that you’ll get to see a lot of pictures over the coming months!)  First of all, it is nothing like we ever expected.  It’s a 1 acre lot; the ranch-esque house was custom built in 1960, and it’s a little further out of town than we were looking.  But like I said before, we just needed good bones.  And this house has amazing bones!  The original owners/builders have lived there the entire time and have kept up the home, so it is in great condition with meticulous records of any changes, maintenance or issues.  Jeremy even got the original blue prints to the house from the daughter when we were there for the home inspection!  (We plan to frame them and display them.)  The home has 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.  There is a partially finished basement, and tons of storage space.  The yard is huge, but mostly wooded.  (We’ve heard rumors to look out for lots of deer and wild turkeys.)  It still needs a lot of updating since everything is original to 1960, but there is also a vintage charm to the home that appeals to us.  Every wall is covered in wallpaper so we have a lot of work ahead of us.  But we’ll have time to make changes before we move in.

One of the conditions of us getting the house was that we could close in 30 days.  That’s basically been unheard of recently with all the new policies lenders have in doling out mortgages.  But our mortgage broker assured us he could do it.  He’s proved himself right, and we’re set to close in 11 days.  We will then have about 6 weeks to do whatever updating we can before we move in.  Our first goals are the kids’ bedrooms (no more sharing!) and the kitchen.  Everything else, we’ll do over time.  You can expect a lot of before and after posts coming up on the blog this spring and summer.

But first we need to get the keys…  11 days and counting!