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What We’re Watching March 20, 2013

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It’s been a long cold winter here in Rhode Island.  And it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Snow is on the forecast for tomorrow and next week.  This is about the time I’m so ready for spring to come.  (Oh wait! It’s here!)  We’ve had a few sunny days that have fueled the eagerness even more.  But I know it’s New England, and I know to expect another month or so of winter.

Since it’s been cold and dark early (up until last week), we’ve spent our evenings curled up in front of the TV together.  After giving up our cable, we signed up for Hulu Plus, and I must say that I love it!  I can watch almost any show I want.  I caught up on the current season of Glee through early mornings on the treadmill.  Now I’ve started in on Smash.  Jeremy’s been watching The Vikings when he has some free time, and we’ve even gone back to Season 1 of Arrested Development.

The coolest thing, though, is that we got the kids hooked on The Amazing Race.  We started watching the very first season – before it started winning Emmy’s year after year.  What a difference!  The show is much more documentary-like, which is pretty darn cool.  Mason and Cooper have become addicted and want to watch it every chance they get.  They have their favorite teams and know them all by name.  It’s such a fun show to watch together – we get to see all different areas of the world, see relationships fail or blossom, and enjoy a good ol’ fashioned race.  Jeremy and I are excited to watch more seasons with the kids and remind ourselves of some of the great teams and great seasons.

The Voice is another one of our favorites that we will be tuning into starting next week.  Honestly, we’re all excited to see Xtina gone and are very curious to see how Shakira and Usher do in the red chairs.

Of course Jeremy and I have our usuals – Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Community, New Girl, Parenthood, Ben and Kate, The Office, Biggest Loser, etc.

On the sad side, though, I missed the last 2 episodes of Top Chef, and there are no Bravo shows on Hulu Plus.  That’s a major bummer for me.  But I’m getting through it, and we’re certainly keeping ourselves entertained.

I’m curious… now that we have access to a bunch of old shows, what do you suggest?  (Besides Downton Abbey!)