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Make New Friends… March 4, 2013

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Do you remember the song, “Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.”  I love that song.  It rings so true, especially since we’ve moved far away from our wonderful friends in Maryland and Virginia.

We’re in a tough spot right now because we’re planning to move to a new town this summer.  We knew that we would not stay in our rental for more than a year, so we didn’t really make a lot of effort in terms of friends.  We have some great rear neighbors, an old high school friend of Jeremy’s and his family, and Mason has made a good couple of friends at school, but that’s about it.  We have our colleagues, but we’re not quite to the point of them being “friends” yet if that makes sense.  We’re not doing anything outside of work with them yet.  (Yet being a key word there because I hope we get to that level in the near future!)  Friendships take time and effort, right?

I have a lot of hope for making friends in our new town.  When we’ve bought a house, and I know we’re settled for a while, I will definitely make the effort and put in the time to make new friends.  Until then, though, I’m relying on my golden oldies!  (And will continue to even when I have new friends!)  Especially since this past week has been a rough one up here in L’il Rhody.  It could be the weather or just the time of year or a low week in general, but I’ve been feeling lonely.  I’ve kept up with many of our friends after our move – with email, texts and phone calls – but it doesn’t replace the time spent together.  That’s what I’ve really been craving – time with my friends.

Last weekend was a special one in that regard…  We met up with very old friends from Oregon.  They have lived south of Boston for years now, and one of the reasons I was thrilled to move to Providence was so that we could be closer to them!  They were my surrogate family in Oregon, and I just love hanging out with them.  And an added bonus that my mom could see them too.  I love that my kids are getting to know them and adore them as much as I do.  It’s wonderful to be able to continue making memories with old friends.   And I look forward to making new memories with new friends as well.  Just waiting for the time to come…

Lunch and laughter at Red Robin!

Lunch and laughter at Red Robin!



5 Responses to “Make New Friends…”

  1. Alaina Says:

    I completely understand! When we moved to our new neighborhood, that was important to me. It’s so tough when you’re an adult, but it helps having kids!

  2. Spring is just around the corner…so are new friendships. The first year in a new place is the most challenging–still close to what and whom you’ve left behind but not yet firmly rooted in the here and now. Your garden of friendships will continue to grow. Love you and so good to talk with you this morning. mom

  3. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with one of the coolest families we know! WE MISS YOU GUYS and we will see you soon!!!

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