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Musings From The Cable-less February 27, 2013

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I have so many things on my mind these days.  I’ve been thinking of my life in Facebook status updates, but then I never follow through because I think no one would really care about what I was thinking.  Here are some of my latest “would be” Facebook posts.

  • Why does my grocery bill spike by at least $50 when Jeremy and the kids go shopping with me?
  • Getting the kids hooked on The Amazing Race…  I can totally see Jeremy and Mason running it together one day.   Season 32 winners?
  • Finally ran 3 straight miles again after at least 6 months.  A little Zac Efron (in HSM3) can really motivate me!

But there is more to life than Facebook posts…  especially ones I don’t even write.  So here are a few other things on my mind these days.

  • I’m desperate to find a house to buy, but not desperate enough to settle for a house I’m not in love with.  I’ll make sure to fill you all in on our house hunt soon!
  • We officially got rid of our cable.  We’re using Apple TV and a digital antenna (for HD network channels) for all of our TV viewing.  I’m not totally convinced yet, but we’re weaning our dependence on TV for entertainment.  And I have a feeling that seeing our first bill cut in half will do a lot to convince me.
  • We’ve had snow the past three weekends.  I know I live in New England now, but even native New Englanders are complaining, so I feel I’m allowed to as well.
  • I’m so jealous seeing all the Facebook or Instagram pictures of people on beaches or at Disney right now.  I want a true vacation!
  • I miss HGTV!  (One of the disadvantages of getting rid of cable.)
  • I’ll be running a 5k with my coworkers next Saturday.  I’m working on a T-shirt to make for all of us, and Jeremy has inspired me to channel Phil Dunphy.   It just might work.
  • My mom bought us beautiful flowers when she was here last week, and they are still alive and blooming.  I love coming home to fresh flowers…  no matter what time of year!

So these are the musings from the “cable-less.”  Hopefully without the cable now, I’ll be inspired to write more in my free time.  I feel I always say that, though, after I’ve been absent on my blog for a while.  But who knows?  Maybe this time it really will happen.  Hope everyone’s having a good week!