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What’s A Baker To Do? February 4, 2013

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I love to bake.  I consider it a stress-release.  And on a cold winter weekend, there is nothing more perfect than a warm chocolate chip cookie or brownie.  The unfortunate part is that we’re trying to be more healthy at our house.  Jeremy has pretty much sworn off sweets, and I am majorly cutting back (much to my dismay!)  

I still want to bake, though.  I love trying new recipes, and I love going back to favorites.  Instead of leaving them at the house for us to eat for a week, I have been taking them to work with me or having Jeremy take them to work.  But now I’m getting major flack for it.  Many of my coworkers are voicing their wish that I don’t force them to stray from their diets by bringing in baked goods.  Granted, it is their will power they should be questioning, but I know that if there is a cookie offered, I will take a cookie.  (Just last week, an attorney’s office dropped off a box of bakery cookies.  I had 2, and they weren’t even that amazing.)  So I can’t blame them too much.  

But if I can’t keep my baked goods at home, and I can’t bring them to work, what am I supposed to do?


4 Responses to “What’s A Baker To Do?”

  1. Respect their wishes. Maybe there are other baked treat outlets…Coopers daycare? Mason’s teachers’ workroom/lounge? Certainly not every week but on occasion, such acts of “sweet” gratitude are appreciated. Trust me…I know how quickly treats disappear amongst a mid-year stressed and depressed (darkest time of the school year right now) can go!
    Plus, make sure you send some home with me this month so I can take them into the schools I work with! Come MSA in March, and they’ll be grateful for such delectable desserts in the middle of the day!
    Love you all, meema

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