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Mom Challenge – Day 27 January 4, 2013

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 27

Do one thing that is good for your health: walk 10 minutes; eat a piece of fruit; or get a good night’s sleep.

I woke up this morning with total intention to work out.  I knew I didn’t have time for a good run, but if I could at least get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, I would have felt better.  Unfortunately, my quick wrapping of birthday presents, straightening up before my mom came and laundry all took longer than expected.  Suddenly it was 6:30, and I knew I needed to get in the shower.  So much for that!

I did, however, choose a bagel and cereal over the Dunkin Donuts the rest of the family got (Cooper’s birthday choice.)  I also ate my daily clementine and salad and drank a lot more water than yesterday.

Full disclosure, though…  It IS Cooper’s birthday today, which meant cake and ice cream as well as his choice of backwards dinner (pancakes, apples and bacon!)  To counteract all that yumminess, I will definitely be getting up tomorrow morning and doing a long run/walk on the treadmill.  Exercise is a great way for many moms to take a breather, unwind and feel better about themselves.  I am no different!  If I don’t exercise at least 4 days a week, I feel out of sorts.  Since I was sick and on vacation for the past two weeks, it is taking a lot more energy to get back into my routine, but I need to do it.  And when I exercise, the rest of the healthy stuff comes much easier.

And speaking of getting a good night’s sleep….  Good night!

More on Cooper’s birthday weekend with pictures coming next week!


Mom Challenge – Day 26 January 3, 2013

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 26

Encourage your child today.

I read the challenge this morning and thought this shouldn’t be that hard.  But then realized, “Hey, they’ll be at school most of the day, so what will I encourage them to do in the evening?”  Honestly, nothing came really naturally other than encouraging Mason to sound out some big words in a book she was reading.  Otherwise, I felt that I was pushing the encouragement a bit just so I would have something to write about.  Here are some moments that happened this evening…

1.  Cooper needed encouragement to get his seatbelt buckled.  (I think the fact that he went to the opposite side of where he usually sits messed with his mind and his hand-eye coordination.)

2.  Mason needed encouragement to finish her dinner on time…  again.

3.  Cooper was encouraged to shower by himself.  (And actually do a good job cleaning his WHOLE body.)

4.  Mason was encouraged to finish out the two minutes of brushing with her Tooth Tunes toothbrush.  (Something she bought with her very own Target gift card.)

As you can see, some of these are a stretch.  I wasn’t encouraging them to try new things or to think less selfishly or to keep a clean room.  Therefore, I’ll give myself a half pass on this one.  But I will take note in the future of how much I encourage them with positive words rather than “encouraging” them with stern demands.  There’s a big difference!


Mom Challenge – Day 25 January 2, 2013

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 25

Ask your child’s opinion.

It must be coincidence that this is the challenge today because we were offered an opportunity today for Mason to change after cares.  Whether we take advantage of it or not is Mason’s decision.  So we have asked her opinion about it and are waiting for her response.  The gist of it is that Cooper’s school is now picking up children at Mason’s elementary school and bringing them back for after care.  She currently goes to a different after care, but we have been hoping to make the change when the time came.  Now that the reality is here (which I honestly never expected), I am actually nervous about it.  There has already been so much change in her life, and I worry about having her change schools yet again.  I know it is only for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but it is still a change.  Cooper is certainly excited about the possibility.  He would love to have his big sister in the same school.  And I would love to have only one pickup!  And I think Cooper’s school is exceptional, and Mason would get a lot more out of it than where she currently is.  I’m torn about it all, as you can tell.

Part of Mason’s decision lies in whether the other child that is being picked up is in her class.  She thinks it is one of her friends.  When I asked why, she said she just heard the secretary talking about it.  I have told her to ask her friend tomorrow, and then we will visit the after care room before she makes a decision.  I know she would love to have a friend from her class there with her, so that could be a huge bonus if it is true.   So this is where we are tonight…  waiting for more information and for Mason’s opinion.


Mom Challenge – Day 24 January 1, 2013

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 24

Do not interrupt your child when he is talking.

One of my favorite knock-knock jokes is the one about the interrupting cow.  It’s Mason and Cooper’s favorite too.  We also love the book Interrupting Chicken.  Both of these are joking ways to start a conversation about interrupting each other.  It is important to have good manners in our house, and interrupting is a bad manner.  But I can’t say we’re super stringent about it.  We’ve tried to implement the “one finger hold up” and the “please wait your turn” – both with limited success.  I understand it is tough to keep your thoughts in when you’re a kid and super excited to say something.  They don’t understand priority.  It is definitely our job, as parents, to teach them.  And the key to teaching them good manners, such as not interrupting, is to be a good role model.

I have interrupted my kids before.  I admit it.  I have interrupted when they are whining; when they are yelling; when they are in the middle of story but I need them to move faster.  The last one is probably the most common for me.  At times, I have obviously felt that washing their hands or picking up their toys is more important than what they are telling me, and so I interrupt their story to get out my instructions.  Not fair.  Today, I made a point to listen every time they were talking to me.  It takes a lot of patience, but I want to model good listening.  Being a good listener is the first step to not interrupting.  So I looked at them while they were talking; I actively listened to what they were saying; and I held my comments for the end.  It took a conscious effort, but I definitely passed this challenge today!  I hope I can keep it up since it really does make for a more pleasant household.