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I Need A Push January 18, 2013

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 2:30 pm

Or maybe just a nudge…  Out of bed, that is.  Every morning this week I have set my alarm for 5:40am.  I have set out my workout clothes the night before.  I have told myself that I must get out of bed and exercise to start my day.  Unfortunately I only did it once this week.  Every other morning I have pressed the snooze button an average of 3 times before finally getting out of bed, walking past my workout clothes and trodding directly into the shower.  I have two excuses.

1.  My bed is so cozy and comfortable.  It’s winter, which means it is usually dark outside when I’m waking up.  These two factors together do nothing to inspire me to get up and get moving.

2.  My two workout options are to either run on the treadmill or do a video in our bedroom.  If I do the treadmill, Mason wakes up early and comes down to watch me.  I’m already bored out of my mind just staring off into the distance (rather than my preferred method of watching TV), and then to have her sitting there with me just makes me want to end the run early.  If I do a video in our bedroom, I will be interrupting Jeremy’s sleep.  He says it’s ok, but I feel bad.

I need to get over my excuses and just get up, but it’s been hard lately.  Luckily we’ve been getting to the YMCA a couple of times a week so I’m not skipping all of my workouts.  But in my attempt to be healthier and fit in my clothes better, I need want to exercise more often.  If only Jeremy were slightly awake enough to give me a little push out of bed…  Better yet, I need to give myself a swift kick to the rear and get moving!