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Mom Challenge – Day 26 January 3, 2013

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 26

Encourage your child today.

I read the challenge this morning and thought this shouldn’t be that hard.  But then realized, “Hey, they’ll be at school most of the day, so what will I encourage them to do in the evening?”  Honestly, nothing came really naturally other than encouraging Mason to sound out some big words in a book she was reading.  Otherwise, I felt that I was pushing the encouragement a bit just so I would have something to write about.  Here are some moments that happened this evening…

1.  Cooper needed encouragement to get his seatbelt buckled.  (I think the fact that he went to the opposite side of where he usually sits messed with his mind and his hand-eye coordination.)

2.  Mason needed encouragement to finish her dinner on time…  again.

3.  Cooper was encouraged to shower by himself.  (And actually do a good job cleaning his WHOLE body.)

4.  Mason was encouraged to finish out the two minutes of brushing with her Tooth Tunes toothbrush.  (Something she bought with her very own Target gift card.)

As you can see, some of these are a stretch.  I wasn’t encouraging them to try new things or to think less selfishly or to keep a clean room.  Therefore, I’ll give myself a half pass on this one.  But I will take note in the future of how much I encourage them with positive words rather than “encouraging” them with stern demands.  There’s a big difference!