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Mom Challenge – Day 24 January 1, 2013

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 24

Do not interrupt your child when he is talking.

One of my favorite knock-knock jokes is the one about the interrupting cow.  It’s Mason and Cooper’s favorite too.  We also love the book Interrupting Chicken.  Both of these are joking ways to start a conversation about interrupting each other.  It is important to have good manners in our house, and interrupting is a bad manner.  But I can’t say we’re super stringent about it.  We’ve tried to implement the “one finger hold up” and the “please wait your turn” – both with limited success.  I understand it is tough to keep your thoughts in when you’re a kid and super excited to say something.  They don’t understand priority.  It is definitely our job, as parents, to teach them.  And the key to teaching them good manners, such as not interrupting, is to be a good role model.

I have interrupted my kids before.  I admit it.  I have interrupted when they are whining; when they are yelling; when they are in the middle of story but I need them to move faster.  The last one is probably the most common for me.  At times, I have obviously felt that washing their hands or picking up their toys is more important than what they are telling me, and so I interrupt their story to get out my instructions.  Not fair.  Today, I made a point to listen every time they were talking to me.  It takes a lot of patience, but I want to model good listening.  Being a good listener is the first step to not interrupting.  So I looked at them while they were talking; I actively listened to what they were saying; and I held my comments for the end.  It took a conscious effort, but I definitely passed this challenge today!  I hope I can keep it up since it really does make for a more pleasant household.