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Mom Challenge – Day 22 December 30, 2012

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 22

How do you want your child to remember you?  Be that mom today.

Ok, where were we?  Sorry for the break, but I was focusing on enjoying the Christmas holiday with my family.  As vacation comes to a close, it’s time to refocus on this Mom Challenge.

In thinking about how I want my children to remember me, I came up with the following…





(And, of course, the best baker ever!)

Those are not always easy characteristics to embody.  Today, I focused on fun.  We woke up to a blanket of snow outside.  Heck, it was more than a blanket.  It was about 6 blankets!  So much snow – a great intro to our first New England winter.  After breakfast, the kids were eager to get outside and play.  I kept telling them that once we did the work of cleaning off the cars and shoveling the driveway and sidewalk, Mommy and Daddy could play too.  I used to keep myself dry and warm inside when it snowed in Maryland, mostly because I wasn’t fully prepared with the right gear.  But last year I bought snow pants for the sole purpose of playing with the kids!  They came in handy again today.  I made snow angels, tried to throw snowballs (the snow wasn’t cooperating), and we made our first ever “Snow-bot!”  I hope these fun memories are the ones my children will remember years down the road.