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Mom Challenge – Day 19 December 19, 2012

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 19

Teach your child one thing he can do on his own.

It’s a double-edged sword when your kids start wanting to do everything on their own.  On the one hand, you love to see them grow and learn and become self-sufficient.  On the other hand, you hate to watch them struggle and get frustrated waiting for them to do what it would take you only a minute to do.  The good does outweigh the bad in most situations, though.

Right now we’re struggling with when to start teaching Cooper how to do more on his own.  With Mason being the first child, we were eager for her to pass those milestones – brush her own teeth, tie her own shoes, zip her own jacket.  But with Cooper, eh…  Not so much.  It is necessary that I brush his teeth every day.  I’ll be happy buying him velcro shoes for a while longer.  And well, he does zip his own jacket, so at least we have that going for us.  It’s the second-child syndrome.  You know the one…  Less pictures, no baby book, no tracking of milestones, goes with the flow, gets tortured by older sibling…  That second-child syndrome.  It’s probably time we start working with Cooper on becoming more self-sufficient, no matter how painful it will be.

Cleaning up has been a real challenge for Cooper lately (and Mason, for that matter!)  His favorite toy right now is Legos, and I’m not talking about the big Duplo ones.  Cooper loves the tiny Legos, and we have TONS of them.  And when he can’t find the exact piece he wants/needs, he dumps them all on the floor.  We’ve been working with him on picking up the Legos, but he continues to do it one by one.  Which means that when the Legos are not all put away in 5 minutes, we’re super frustrated and end up doing most of it for him.  Bad parents!  Last night and today, I really started to encourage him to make big scoops with his hands to put a lot of Legos away at one time.  That was my lesson for the day.  He did better.  I’m not sure if it will stick, but I’ll keep showing him how to do it.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll even get him to wear his Converse chucks with laces!