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Mom Challenge – Day 10 December 10, 2012

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 10

Today’s mom focus: Joy

Joy often comes in the smallest packages.  It’s rare that absolutely everything goes well on one given day.  But if you focus on all the little things, then that ho-hum day can become spectacular.  This was one of the main reasons I started this blog.  Knowing that my days are never perfect, but there are wonderful moments, and I must treasure those.

Today started out pretty bad.  I felt it could only go up from there.  There wasn’t a sharp turn towards the better, but more like a slow incline.  Now here I am at 6:10pm…  the house is quiet yet I have two kids home and hungry.   Cooper is watching Ninjago on the iPad; Mason was playing on the American Girl website but is now upstairs playing by herself; and I am cooking dinner (and writing this post) in peace.  That is my joy today.  Like I said, it can come in the smallest of packages, but this 15 minutes or however long it will last is going to be my biggest gift of the day.  No fighting, no authority challenges, no incessant questions…  Just peace and quiet.  This joy is recharging my soul, my attitude, and my perspective on the day.  All is good.