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Mom Challenge – Day 9 December 9, 2012

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 9

Picture yourself at your child’s age.  Remember how you felt.

The first obstacle of this challenge is my horrible memory.  I really don’t remember little details of my past.  Certain moments or feelings will come back to me, but otherwise, not so much.  But because I was a young girl way back when, I can most identify with Mason.  As usual with most weekends, we’ve had our moments the past couple of days.  We are too much alike – that’s the problem.  When Mason and I get on each other’s nerves, I have chosen to step away for a bit before I get too heated.  She and I talked about what she could do to calm down, and she chose to write and draw.  So we started her a “Calm Journal” where she can write or draw whatever she is feeling.  She usually gets so into it, that she is calm by the time she is finished and is ready to talk about the incident with me.  Yesterday her “calm journal” turned into a note to me that showed the two of us and her saying, “no won cares about me.”  I definitely had to put myself her in shoes with that one.  I remember being around her age and feeling like everyone was against me; that no one wanted me around; that no one cared; that I couldn’t do anything right. After telling all this to Mason, she seemed to cheer up a bit knowing that she had valid feelings.  Then I went on to describe how it feels now to be on the other end of that feeling, as a parent.  I hate that she was ever put in a situation that would cause her to feel that way.  And I hate that I can’t tell her it will never happen again.  But at least this challenge encouraged me to think back to when I was her age and how I felt.  And hopefully by doing that more, I can be proactive with her feelings and not let it get to the point yesterday where she felt no one cared.  Because I do care.  And I want happy kids!