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Mom Challenge – Day 8 December 8, 2012

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 8

Calculate how many weekends are left until your child graduates from high school.

This was a fun challenge, and so appropriate for an actual weekend too!  If I did my calculations right, we have 548 more weekends until Mason graduates and 652 more weekends until Cooper graduates.  (And please don’t check my math!)  When they were babies, weekends meant just more time to spend staring at them and scheduling our entire life around naps.  From there, we went to the weekends of constant attention and having to keep them occupied with an activity at all hours.  Sitting still wasn’t an option.  Now we are at the point where we can spend an entire day together in the house with everyone doing their own thing for a bit and then coming back together as a family for a bit.  And I know, in the future, I will barely see my kids on the weekends.  They’ll be playing sports or hanging out with friends or doing homework in their rooms.  Like “they” say, it will go by too fast.  And in just 652 weekends, our time will be ours again!  Wait, I didn’t mean that.  (Not really…)

I think the reality for parents is that we look forward to weekends – to get away from work, to go on adventures, to spend quality time with our children and spouses.  But by Sunday night, most parents are looking forward to sending the kids off to school Monday morning so we can just have some peace and quiet at work or home.  (Am I alone here?)  It’s a love/hate relationship.  I think usually the love wins out, though.  For instance, today was a day of sleeping in, making a big breakfast for my family, running errands with everyone, eating lunch out, painting nails with Mason, fixing a delicious spaghetti dinner, watching The Voice (on the DVR) and reading a Christmas book at the kid’s bedtime.  For the most part, I loved my day.  So while I know I will look forward to Monday morning at about 8:15 when I drive myself to work, at the same time, I will already be looking forward to the next weekend.  Because then it will only be 547/651 weekends left until they graduate high school.  Where does the time go?