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Mom Challenge – Day 6 December 6, 2012

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 6

Bake, make or buy them their favorite food.

Thank goodness for an easy one after yesterday.  And perfect timing too.  Thursdays get a bit hectic.  Cooper has swim lessons on Thursdays, so I rush home from work to pick up both kids at different schools, then race home to feed them a snack and get Cooper changed.  We then head out to the YMCA for swim lessons, during which Mason does her homework sitting on the wet bleachers in the humid air.  Good times, for sure!  With all the running around, I gave up trying to have warm healthy homemade meals on Thursdays.  You have to pick your battles, right?  So instead of a warm healthy homemade meal, I get them a cold healthy Subway sandwich.

We all got reintroduced to Subway this summer.  The kids fell in love with it, and I am more than happy to pick that over Wendy’s when needing “fast food.”  They usually don’t choose anything that I couldn’t put on a homemade sandwich, but to them, it’s exciting to be able to “create” their own.  So tonight, I bought them one of their favorite foods – Subway sandwiches.  But to make the day a little more special, I also made them some warm homemade chocolate chip cookies.  (I had to get the warm and homemade in there somehow!)  Success!

Here’s a peek at our crazy Thursday evening…

intentional blur - trust me on this one.

intentional blur – trust me on this one.

the chips decision is always the toughest.

the chips decision is always the toughest.