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Mom Challenge – Day 4 December 4, 2012

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30 Day Mom Challenge

Day 4

Kiss your children while they are asleep.

I wondered how this was a challenge at first.  Of course, I would want to kiss my sleeping children.  The reality is they are usually both awake before I make it upstairs in the mornings.  And at night, we are so eager to get them in bed so we can relax, that by the time we’re downstairs and hear nothing but quiet upstairs, we’re engrossed in our TV and all of a sudden it’s 10pm, and I want to go to bed.  And there goes another day without me kissing my kids while they are asleep.  Granted, I do make up for it when they are awake.  But because of the challenge, I was focused on not missing the chance.

I actually love sleeping children.  They are so peaceful and adorable.  And they are so warm and cozy.  I would love to just nuzzle up right next to them and feel the warmth.  (If only they didn’t have small twin beds and kick me all night!)

My sweet baby boy

My sweet baby boy

And my darling little girl (and her friend)

And my darling little girl (and her friend)

I loved this challenge.  I loved kissing my sleeping kids.  I will definitely have to do this more often!