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A Girl’s Dream November 29, 2012

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Having married an architect who loves the character and style of old homes, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never have a big walk-in closet.  I’m ok with that because I know I get a lot of other wonderful features in an older home even if I don’t get the big closet.  It’s a compromise.  I find it funny when I watch House Hunters or some other HGTV show where the couples joke about the closet and how the husband can put his stuff in the guest room.  It’s the age-old tale, right?  Women have more clothes and therefore need more closet space.

Jeremy and I fit right into that stereotype.  I have way more clothes than he does, and therefore I need more space.  But given my statement above about the old homes we have lived in, more space is not always possible.  We have had to make up some creative solutions.  In our last house, Jeremy took the small closet in our actual bedroom, and I got the larger closet in the adjacent room that was the exercise room/playroom/dressing room.  It was a bit awkward in layout, and it was hard to reach everything easily, but it worked fine.  When we moved into the rental we’re in now, we split the closet 60/40.  On my 60%, I created a double rack to increase my space.  But since we use the wooden IKEA hangers, the closet was still stuffed to the brim.  It was a serious feat to pull something off the hanger without bringing anything else down with it.  My sneakers and sandals were in a big plastic bin at the bottom of the closet, and my dress shoes were just piled up on one side.  It was beyond annoying!  We both felt that anytime we got new clothes, we had to get rid of something else just so it would fit in the closet.  (Granted, on our budget, we I shouldn’t be buying new clothes anyway!)

Last week, I had had enough.  I told Jeremy that while I love old homes too, my dream was that someday way off in the future, I would get my walk-in closet even if we had to build our own “new-old” home.  I expressed my sincere hatred of our shared closet and the fact that my shoes were not getting the respect some of them deserved just being tossed on the floor.  Well, guess what?  He listened!  Over the weekend, he suggested we go to IKEA to find a closet system/armoire that would make us both happy.  While I loved his enthusiasm to solve our problem, we were still worried about whether this was something we should be spending money on now, especially with Christmas bills right around the corner.  Then I remembered our credit card reward balance, and off to IKEA we went!

Behold – Jeremy’s new armoire!

Is there some rule about not showing the inside of one’s closet? Oh well.

My far more manageable closet! It’s like a dream.


Granted, our dressers are still stuffed to the gills, and we have underbed storage, but it’s all about compromise.  (See how nice and neat and protected my shoes are on the upper shelf?  Yippee!)  And while it is not a walk-in closet, I consider myself pretty lucky.