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4 Years of Blogging November 4, 2012

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It is pretty crazy to think that 4 years ago I started this blog.  Where did the time go?  I started this blog as the crazed mom of a 3-year-old daughter and 10-month-old son.  I was feeling overwhelmed at the time and wanted to keep reminding myself that while every day is not good, there is something good in every day.  Now 335 posts later, here I am as the busy mom of a 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.   So much has changed in 4 years, and I think I’ve shared most of that on this blog.  From job changes to parenting challenges to lifelong memories, this blog has stood as my journal and scrapbook all at the same time.

As I often like to do with old journals, scrapbooks or photo albums, let’s take a stroll through memory lane.  I’ve compiled some of my favorite posts below.

The Need For Good In Every Day – Of course, this is one of my faves since it was the one that started it all.  It’s funny how the little things that really made my day back can still make my day today.

Kid-isms – Kids do say the darndest things!  Reading this one again reminded me that I really need to write down more of what they say.

Happy With What We Have – This one especially caught my attention after a meeting at Cooper’s school the other night.  Other moms were talking about their struggles…  with their kids, with paying tuition, with life… and I left with my heart aching for them, but also feeling very blessed.  It’s a good reminder to thankful.  I’m thinking of another Thanksgiving/November challenge of what I’m thankful for every day.

Mothers and Daughters Part 2 – I love watching Mason grow up through pictures.  This story reminds me of our special bond.

What’s Wrong With These Pictures? – Looking at this one, I laughed out loud.  Still to this day, High School Musical is one of the only movies they can agree on.  Cooper is in a scared phase right now so if there is any bad guy at all, he says he doesn’t want to watch it.  Of course, we don’t give in and still watch the movie while he pretends to do something else but eventually joins us for the whole thing and then says how much he loves it.  He’s crazy!

Birthday Cakes Retrospect – Baking is my hobby, and I love coming up with ideas for birthday cakes.  Cooper’s 2nd birthday cake shaped as a football helmet was not only the most daring design I’ve done, but it was also the most delicious cake!

My Nephew Is Here! – New babies are always a hit, so why wouldn’t the birth of my nephew be one of my favorites?!

Backseat Confessions – Similar to Kid-isms, these are such a perfect snapshot of the kids at that exact time.

Staying Put – It’s very interesting to look back at this point in time when we had really decided we liked our life in Silver Spring and were going to make the best of it.  My how things change!  Now, two years later, we’re getting ready for our first winter in New England – the place we had officially “given up” when this post was written.

Work Hard, Play Hard – This post was about a vacation we took to Deep Creek, MD with some of our dear friends.  It was such a fun trip – not only because we love Deep Creek and we were with friends, but also because it was so needed after working so hard.  Reading the post again brought the feeling of relaxation and fun right back to me.

Gearing Up For A Change – The post that announced we were moving to Rhode Island was bittersweet for me.  The entire move is still bittersweet.  We’re happy in Rhode Island and still feel glad that we moved, but we definitely  miss certain things and certain people.

Whew!  I’m exhausted emotionally and physically after reading through 4 years of posts!  The good part of it all is that I got some ideas for future posts.  I was reminded of feelings I’ve had over the years, including the good and the bad and how I dealt with them then so that I can use clues for how to deal with them now.  And I was able to set some goals for my blog.  First and foremost, I definitely want to do another week of “Being Thankful” during the week of Thanksgiving.  I recently saw a pin on Pinterest about the 30 Day Mom Challenge.  I think I’m up for it.  I think it would be great, especially during the holiday season when life gets hectic and stressful.  So starting December 1, I will start the challenge.  Anyone want to join me?  And my final goal that I’ll share is to blog at least once a week.  It won’t be a problem during November and December when I have so much to talk about, but starting in 2013, I challenge myself to blog at least once a week.  Blogging is usually a release for me, and I think it is good for my soul to write it out and get memories down in blog format.

Finally, thank YOU!  Thanks to those that have been following since the beginning.  Thanks to those of you that are reading today for the first time.  And thanks to everyone in between!  It is your choice to read what you want, and I am grateful that you choose to read this blog.  (I would love to get more comments, so leave me a note when you stop by!)

Cheers to another year of blogging!