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A Halloween to Remember November 1, 2012

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It’s November 1st!  Where did October go?  Absolute craziness.  We did manage to close out October with a bang, though, thanks to an awesome Halloween in our very own neighborhood.  To some, that might not seem like such a big deal.  Most families we know live in great neighborhoods where streets get blocked off for safer trick-or-treating or where everyone sits on their front porch handing out candy and chatting with the neighbors while drinking beer or a cocktail in a red plastic cup.  (My dad was the biggest fan of Trick-or-Beer!)  Those all seemed quite idyllic to us considering we never got much action on Halloween in our old Silver Spring neighborhood.  We lived on a somewhat busy street that had only just recently gotten sidewalks.  We were on the edge of two different neighborhoods, and no one but our close neighbors actually came to the door trick-or-treating.  In the past, we usually went to our friends’ neighborhoods so that our kids could get a true Halloween experience.  But this year was different…

First our small little village had a Halloween parade through town this past Saturday.  Everyone gathered at our waterfront park and then paraded through town, stopping at the local shops and businesses who were passing out candy.  The parade ended at our local playground where a band was playing and more treats were being passed out.  Apparently this event had gained popularity enough that people from other towns come all the way just to participate.  But all we had to do was walk to town!

Commander Cody (clone trooper) and our Rainbow Fairy

It was great to feel like we were really part of the village!  We had some Virginia friends in town that came with us, but we also ran into other people we know from our neighborhood and school.  (Always a good sign that you’re settling in!)  We were going to cap off the weekend with the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo but Hurricane Sandy had other plans.  The winds picked up, the rain started pouring, and schools and businesses were closed.  During the storm, though, we managed to do some pumpkin carving.

Cooper with his Sharpie design. Bad mom because I don’t remember what he told me it was supposed to be. Maybe a ninja?

Mason went for the basic Jack-O-Lantern design. Next year, I’ll have to get more creative with our options.

And Jeremy was proud of his Angry Bird pumpkin. His office had a contest, but unfortunately he didn’t win. There’s always next year!

Fortunately, Sandy didn’t do too much damage around us.  We didn’t lose power, and no major trees fell.  We were back in business on Tuesday!  Despite all the reports that the rain would stick around through Thursday, by Wednesday evening, it was all clear for some serious trick-or-treating.

I had bought one bag of pretzels from Target to hand out.  A couple of days after that, I realized I probably needed more, so I got a bag of Reese’s pumpkins.  Then yesterday on my way to work, I got more nervous since the weather was going to cooperate and knew more kids would be out.  I stopped yet again and got another two bags of candy.  Thank goodness!  We are left with 2 bags of pretzels, and I actually think they are from the kids’ trick-or-treating.  I had the perfect amount!  Jeremy took Mason and Cooper out with our neighbor friends while I stayed back to pass out candy.  It was so cool to have lots of knocks on the door.  I had never had so many trick-or-treaters.  And everyone was friendly.  (I considered sitting on the front stoop, but I wouldn’t have been able to read my Kindle in between groups of kids.)  By 7:45, I was almost out of candy, and Jeremy and the kids had been out for an hour.  They returned, we sifted through their loot, and sent them off to bed on a sugar high.  While catching up on our DVR, we got a few more groups of kids whose parents were driving them around.  After someone knocked on our door at 9:45, we decided it was time to turn off the lights and call it a night.  And what a night!  It was so great to have a wonderful Halloween experience in our own small, quaint neighborhood.   And the crazy part?  Our neighbors told us that last night’s activity was light compared to other years!  If that was light, I can’t even imagine next year!  It was a Halloween to remember.

PS – Our thoughts and prayers go out to  those that were not as fortunate during Hurricane Sandy’s wrath.  

It is so hard to comprehend the damage that was done, especially in NY and NJ, and we will be looking for ways to help from afar.


5 Responses to “A Halloween to Remember”

  1. So glad it was a memorable Halloween this year. There’s nothing like a neighborhood and small community to really appreciate this special event.
    Thanks for remembering the Trick or Beer part….I should have called the Egans and Fraziers…maybe this weekend just to catch up. What good memories for all–this year and in years past! Do you remember your Halloween get ups?
    Love, mom

    • I don’t remember a lot of my Halloween costumes, Mom. Sad, I know. I remember being a punk rocker or something with Annie, and Dad thought it was lame since we just looked like teenagers. Funny how when Mason wanted to be a girl from Shake It Up on Disney, I told her she would just look like a teenager, and it wasn’t really a costume. 🙂

  2. Shana Kolego Says:

    Robin, I’m still amazed that you’ve created this little memory treasure box for you and your family to enjoy for years on end. It takes writing in your journal to a whole other level. Not something I was very good at either. Regardless, loved catching up on your last few posts. You have done such an amazing job settling in to your new home, and the kids appear so happy with their new surroundings. I miss you so!!

    • Thanks, Shana! It is a fun memory keeper for sure. Today, it officially marks 4 years of blogging, and I’ll be posting about some of my favorite memories. Miss you so much too! Less than 2 months until I’ll be seeing you at the holidays, though.

      • Shana Kolego Says:

        Speaking of the Holidays…have you guys decided when you’ll be back down this way. We should probably make arrangements sooner than later how and when we’re all getting together. Jen was asking about it as well. I just had a 30 week ultrasound, and they’re saying I’m measuring pretty big. BUT, I am used to having bigger babies, so maybe just maybe I’ll hold out until 1/7. Who knows!!

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