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Run, Mason, Run! September 17, 2012

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I’ve explained my love/hate relationship with running before.  Well, I’ve found another reason to love it.


Mason ran her first race yesterday.  We are super proud of her, and I have a feeling she loved it.  The girl didn’t stop smiling!  Granted, it was only 100M, but I think that was the perfect introduction for her.  I wouldn’t have wanted to start her out with a longer race than she could handle and have her end in tears for being too tired or cramping.  With the short distance, she felt it was too short and seems ready for more.

Maybe I should back up a bit.  I got an email last weekend that Mason’s elementary school was putting together a “team” of kids to run in the CVS Caremark Downtown 5k Youth Races.  Registration would be free, and if the school got enough kids to participate, the school would be entered to win a $500 donation to their physical education program.  All participating kids would get a t-shirt and a medal.  When I mentioned this to Mason, the medal is what sealed the deal.  When I have come home from races in the past with a medal, she instantly grabs for it and claims it as her own.  Well,  now she could actually have her own medal!  After signing her up, I told her that we would do some practice runs during the week to get her ready for the 100M.  I think the fact that she got dedicated time with Mommy was another incentive.  Heck, it was a great incentive for me too!  We did about 3 practices during the week.  The first time we walked/ran around the block.  Mason was cramping a bit, so I told her the key was not to start out sprinting, but to ease herself into it as she felt comfortable.  The second time we walked to her school and back with a few intervals of running so she could get a sense of how far 100M was.  And finally on Saturday (the day before the race), we went on a 2 mile walk.  There wasn’t any running, but the walking itself is helping to build up her endurance.  She did great each time, never complaining.

I am loving it!  It truly is special mother/daughter bonding time.  We’ve been having a lot of fun chatting along the way.  We can walk as fast as we want without having to worry about Jeremy and Cooper slowing us down.  We’re enjoying the gorgeous weather together.  It’s a win-win.  I really hope she is motivated enough to try a few other kids’ races.  We found out about a couple of other 1k races coming up, so I’m definitely going to look into them for her.  And I might even register for the adult ones too.  Then we’ll have double the motivation to get out and train together!  As long as she’s having fun with it, I’ll keep riding the ride.

Way to go, Mason!