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Taking Advantage September 14, 2012

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We’ve been going, going, going for a while now.  Between summer, school starting, entertaining visitors, and traveling, we hadn’t spent much time as just our family in a while.  Last week, I was looking at our upcoming calendar and realized that weekends were filling up fast again.  But this past weekend was totally free after Saturday morning swim lessons.  Since we’ve been wanting to explore the northern shores of Massachusetts, I figured it was the perfect time to do so before we got sucked into the fall craziness.  Jeremy is working on a project in Newburyport, so we thought that would be a great starting point.  I booked our hotel room and off we went.

Unfortunately this past weekend was part of the awful week of disrespect.  It definitely muddied the waters a bit.  We had a few timeouts on the sidewalks of Newburyport, and Jeremy and I were quite embarrassed at times by the kids’ behavior.  But we were determined to make the best of it!  There was plenty of shopping to do, bakeries to taste test, playgrounds to climb on and beautiful scenery to photograph.

After our first tantrum of the day, Mason had Cooper swear under oath to not whine or hit for the rest of the day. Great at first, but it didn’t last.

We stumbled upon this antique store in Newburyport, and it was awesome! I can’t believe we walked out with nothing. I would make a trip there just to shop at this place.

After lots of walking and a delicious dinner, we tried frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf. Yum! They had brownie batter froyo! And to make it even better, we had noticed one getting ready to open close to us in Providence earlier that day.

We started Sunday in Rockport after a less than restful night of sleep. The cloudy morning only added to the charm of this quaint harbor town.

Time to zip up and stay warm. I love this picture. Mason and Cooper were both leaned over trying to get their zippers up. I had to capture it.

The firemen were out raising money, and they let Mason and Cooper sit in the fire truck for a bit. The kids were elated!

Don’t let these smiling faces fool you, though. We had our fair share of painful moments in Rockport. More tantrums and talking back. We just couldn’t seem to keep it together.

More like this…

And this…

But all in all, it was a good little trip. And I was glad we took advantage of our free weekend and went exploring. There is still so much more to see in New England, but don’t we already look the part?