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Baby Talk August 20, 2012

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There are two directions I could go with this title.  The first would be to discuss the amount of uncontrollable “baby talk” Mason and Cooper have been doing this summer.  Mason, especially, has this little baby voice that is so grating on my nerves.  But that’s another post for another time.

The direction I am choosing to go with this today is the real baby talk…  Like talking ABOUT babies.  It’s been happening a lot lately.  Between blogs I read and friends getting pregnant and having babies, it seems to be in the air.  And since it’s in the air, Mason has caught baby fever.  She is begging me for a baby sister.  I think I hear about it at least once a day.  She wants a sister to play with.  Sisters aren’t dirty.  Sisters like Barbies.  Sisters are cute.  The list goes on and on.  The first few times it came up, it scared me.  Honestly, I was scared of how I was going to answer.  But the more it has come up, the more resolute I have become with my choice.  So my answer continues to be, “I’m done with babies!”

I remember reading somewhere that if you have any inkling of desire for another baby or any inkling of indecision about getting rid of baby stuff, you aren’t ready to let go of the idea.  For me, I was more than ready to get rid of the baby stuff as soon as Cooper was done with it.  Too big for the swing?  Sell it.  Done with bottles?  Get rid of them.  Growing out of clothes?  Donate them.  I never hesitated.  Sure, I have kept the sentimental items, but as for useful things that another baby would need, it is all gone.  And I don’t miss it.  I can’t imagine having diapers in the house again.  I can’t fathom 2am feedings.   I’ve said countless times over the past year or two, “I can see the light.”  Once you get out of diapers and the kids start becoming more independent, it seems like life opens up.  Traveling becomes easier, family meals become calmer, bedtime routines get shorter…  Of course we have other difficulties and other stresses as they get older, but new ages = new stages no matter what.  And I’m just glad to be out of the baby stage.

We have three friends right now who are pregnant with their third child.  One was a surprise, but the other two were somewhat planned.  I am beyond excited for all of them, and I thought part of me would be somewhat jealous of them.  I loved being pregnant.  I didn’t have very difficult pregnancies, and I got used to the c-section recovery, so I kind of expected to WANT to be pregnant again like them.  But I remember what it took to get to the ages and stages we’re in now, and I so do not want to do that again.  Luckily Jeremy agrees completely.  This is OUR choice, and I understand that people choose differently and have wonderful reasons for their choices.  (And I know we would love any “surprise” if anything unexpected happened.)

We love our life now.  We love our family as it is.  Mason and Cooper are our world, and I love bonding with them more and more each day.  These are the kind of things I tell Mason when she asks for a baby sister.  When she finally gives up for the day, we chat about the new babies coming into our world of friends and how much fun it will be to hold them and play with them….  and how great it will be to give them back when we’ve had our fill.

Just for kicks, here is little Miss Mason as a baby. Oh, those cheeks!

And the Coop-Man. Always chillin… These days – not so much.