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Animals… Of the Stuffed Variety August 11, 2012

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I feel like my kids have a problem…  They are addicted to stuffed animals.  Is it only my kids?  I feel like most of my friends’ kids aren’t as obsessed with stuffed animals as mine are.  We have two huge bins of stuffed animals, and they still want more!

I have no idea where it started.  I don’t remember being this addicted as a kid.  I remember my Cabbage Patch dolls and my Barbies, but not stuffed animals.  Jeremy thinks he had a lot as a kid, but certainly not as many as are taking over our house now.  I fear that they will revolt one day and push us out.  They get together each night in their respective bins preparing for the takeover.

Ok, so maybe that’s an irrational fear.  Mason and Cooper treat their “friends” well.  They put them in school, perform puppet shows for them, put them down for naps, change their clothes…  It’s all very civilized, and their “friends” should be happy with their lot in life.  They have just started giving them real names too.  The oldest ones have simple names – Hippo, Monkey, Kitty…  The latest additions have names like Sam, Molly, Laila.  It’s a nice change, but we’re still learning.  They need name tags now so we can keep them straight.

The latest purchases have been from the zoo.  The gift shops there have great stuffed animals, so I understand why my kids want them so badly.  On our first trip to the zoo, we bought Leo the Snow Leopard for Cooper.  The next trip with Nana resulted in the above elephant and tortoise.  (Unfortunately Sam the Tortoise was lost the next day.  We’re still waiting for him to find his way home.)  Since we can’t afford to keep buying them “friends” each time we go to the zoo, we told them that they would have to save up their own money.  We came up with extra chores they could do to earn money (in addition to their job chart chores.)  But before we could even get to the chores, they checked their piggy banks and found enough money.  So back to the zoo we went (thank goodness we’re members and can go just to visit the gift shop!)

Mason got Molly the Red Panda. Cooper chose Sam the Bear. (I guess if Tortoise is ever found, he’ll need a new name.)

They already have plans for their next purchase.  Patience is not one of their strong points, so saving up the next $10.00 will be tough.  But I have a feeling that stuffed animals are here to stay in our house.  It’s not the worst thing.  They are soft and cuddly and adorable.  And they don’t hurt my feet if I step on them when they aren’t cleaned up.  It could be a lot worse, I know.  I have to learn to love the stuffed zoo that is my kids’ room.