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Culinary Weekend July 30, 2012

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Living in Silver Spring for 8 years, we definitely had our favorite restaurants.  When we craved a burger, we knew our favorite options.  When it was Friday Pizza night, we had our “usuals.”  And when we wanted chocolate chip pancakes, there was only one option.  It was nice to have our usual haunts.  We even got to know the wait staff at our favorite places.

We knew that part of the moving adventure would mean finding our new go-to places to eat.  We didn’t think it would be so hard, though.  Providence is kind of a foodie town, which is good and bad.  The good is that there are a lot of restaurants.  The bad is that we’re not foodies, so the menus don’t always appeal to our appetites.  But the hunt had to start.

Our first night here, we ate at our local Irish Pub where we ordered their Irish Nachos.  Basically they are nachos using potato chips rather than tortilla chips.  Jeremy still talks about them and asks when we will go back.  That seemed to be a lucky find, though.  The next few weeks brought a lot of disappointment.  From ho-hum pizza to awful scones to the lack of Mexican restaurants in our area…  We were getting worried.

Thankfully this past weekend gave us hope.  First we tried the famous grilled pizza at Bob and Timmy’s in Federal Hill.  The kids got the regular oven-baked pizza, and we tried two variations of the grilled.  We were pleased with both.  Good chewy crust on the oven-baked and crisp thin crust on the grilled.   I was really getting worried about our pizza choices, especially since Jeremy has started questioning his love of Dominos, so this discovery was needed.

Saturday morning, our quest for the great simple breakfast place ended.  We tried a local institution, T’s, in Cranston, and everyone left happy and stuffed!  It was delicious.  At first, Mason got upset when we thought they didn’t have chocolate chip pancakes, but we found the chips offered as a topping.  Mason decided to do a waffle with chocolate chips, and I have never seen her eat something so fast!  She gobbled them up happily.  Cooper had a kid’s combo plate with eggs, a pancake, bacon and rye toast.  He nibbled on it all and seemed happy.  I snuck a few bites of his rye toast and was in heaven!  Jeremy’s mom ordered the famous Rose Window Waffle and was definitely pleased with her choice.  Jeremy and I ordered combo plates – mine with French toast and his with pancakes.  Everything was wonderful – from the home fries to the eggs to the bacon and sausage.  Wow!  And I have to mention that the grilled cinnamon roll puts every other cinnamon roll to shame.  Halfway through the meal, Jeremy said that our search for “our” breakfast place started and ended at T’s.

To top off our culinary weekend, we took a chance and tried Nacho Mamma’s in Bristol after a quick stop at the Bristol playground and a stroll through town.  It did not disappoint!  In Silver Spring, we had about 6 Mexican restaurants within 2 miles of our house, so there was never a lack of choice.  But here, we’ve been struggling.  Jeremy has been frequenting Cilantro, which is almost like a local Chipotle, but the kids didn’t like the options there, so it is not a family go-to place.  Unfortunately Nacho Mamma’s is a bit far for us to make it a regular thing, but it certainly makes the list of special treats to go out of our way for every once in a while.

So after a month of being Rhodies, we’re finding our new culinary haunts and enjoying the adventure of the search!

On the steps in Providence before enjoying a yummy burger at Luxe Burger Bar.


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