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The Moving Chronicles Part 4 July 19, 2012

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It’s time for the final installment of The Moving Chronicles.  In Part 3, we had finally made it to Providence after a stressful few days.  We were excited to be here and to see the house again.  When we looked for houses in the area, we weren’t finding much in which we would be willing to live.  But when we got to this one, it was so normal and decorated in our style that we just breezed through it saying, “Yes, this is the one.  This will do.”  We were in the house for about 10 minutes before we left, hurrying back to the hotel to fill out the application.  So we were very eager to get back inside and see what we had gotten ourselves into.

Unfortunately, like many people have experienced, seeing a house you liked full of furniture is not the same as when it is empty.  (We’re pretty sure the buyer of our house felt the same way, especially since he kept asking if he could buy our furniture!)  An empty house shows flaws.  Every little thing was glaring at us.  Cracks in doors, missing radiator covers, holes in the walls, dirty bathrooms, missing outlet covers…  The list went on and on.  But we kept reminding ourselves that every other house we had seen had been much worse, and once we got our furniture in, it would be fine.  Thankfully the moms didn’t give us too much of a hard time except for one exclamation of how small it was.  They set about cleaning right away while we waited for our unloading crew to come and Jeremy and I walked the house to figure out where everything would go.

Our unloading crew consisted of two young, thin guys.  Not what you would expect for moving heavy furniture.  But they arrived on time, spoke English and were great listeners.  (Such a relief!) We had the first truck (Baby Duck) unloaded in about 30 minutes.  Then we moved onto Mama Duck.  Her load was deceiving since all the furniture was at the back to be unloaded first.  You think you’re getting somewhere and then you hit a wall a boxes about 4 rows deep.  But our crew trudged on without complaint.  Even when a very scary thunderstorm rolled in with lots of rain, they forged ahead.  By that point, we had everyone’s help just so we could get it done and get them on the way to their next job.  I was on the truck, moving boxes from the back to the front and directing where each box should go.  Jeremy, Meema, Nana, Mason and the unloaders were then taking everything inside.

After all was said and done, we were left to make some sense of it.

Where to begin?

A hallway of books (98% of which are architecture books)

There were some definite disappointments throughout it all.  The extra couch we had planned to be in the kids’ playroom did not fit up the stairs.  We ended up getting it in our very large master bedroom, which actually turned out to be a great fit.  Even worse was that the daybed frame we had planned to put in the playroom (for visitors to sleep on) also didn’t fit up the narrow stairs.  It was left on the curb to get rained on.  (Jeremy has since broken it down into pieces, but we still need to take it all to the dump.)  But after we got over those issues, we started arranging and re-arranging.  You can only do so much tired and hungry, though.  After the long day, we treated ourselves and our moms to the local Irish pub and ice cream on the bridge.  A great way to end the day.

After more cleaning, unpacking and re-arranging the next day, we did manage to give the moms a tour a Providence (College Hill, Salter’s Grove Park, and, of course, the local Starbucks!)  Soon it was time to say goodbye, though.  It was sad to see them go, but we were ready to test this new adventure on our own.  (Thank you Meema and Nana for all your help!  We couldn’t have done it without you!)

Southwest’s new Frequent Flyer Club

Since the moms left, we have gotten a lot done.  Here are some pics of our “finished” rooms.  (Note that some things came with the house, including a large “hutch” in the dining room, a dresser up in the kids playroom and most curtains.)

Living Room

Dining Room

The kitchen – one side

The kitchen – the other side

Entryway and office nook

Kids’ bedroom

Kids’ playroom (and guest room!)

Master bedroom

The backyard – perfect for playing in the sprinkler on hot days.

So there you have it.  We’ve finally settled in.  We’re exploring our area and enjoying the summer.  (Adventures to be shared in upcoming blogs!)  We miss all our Maryland/Virginia family and friends dearly, but look forward to a few weeks of visitors that starts next week.  And if you haven’t booked your stay yet, there’s still time.  We hear New England is glorious in the fall!